Hermes in SF

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  1. Dear TPF ladies, I was wondering if someone could help me...

    DH is making a trip to San Francisco next week. I understand there is an Hermes boutique at Union Square. Hopefully DH will be able to make at least one trip there...:sweatdrop:
    Are there Hermes concessions located elsewhere in SF?

    Could someone recommend me a SA?

    Thanks so much in advance!:flowers:
  2. There is a boutique on Grant between Geary and Post. It's about a block and half from from Union Square. They are not known for their great selection, but I have seen a Birkin on the shelf more than once. I've been helped by a few of the SAs in the past and they have all been lovely. I hope they have what you want!
  3. AJH, thank you! :flowers:

    Pardon my ignorance, is there a sales tax levied? Will DH be able to get a tax refund at the airport? (We're from halfway around the world...:P)
  4. Neiman Marcus also has Hermes scarves/shawls.
    The SF Hermes boutique has had a lot of great stuff lately! :tup: All the SAs are so nice. :yes:
  5. Thanks, crochetbella!:flowers:

    Keeping my fingers crossed...:graucho:
  6. Good luck, Blueberry! Hope you find something great!
    Sales tax is 8.5%, no refund :sad:
  7. You can ask the store manager re: tax refund. I've seen other brands who offer tax refund. Essentially you'll need to get a special landing paper at your home airport when you enter custom. This proves that the item arrived at another country, and you send it in along with the sales receipt to the headquarter who will mail you a refund. I don't know if Hermes USA offers this service.
  8. The SF store has some great stuff right now. I was there on Thursday and they have tons of shawls/scarves.

    I saw a 28 cm clemence kelly, black with palladium hardware on display. A 30cm black clemence/togo birkin, palladium hardware, tons of lindys, a brown jypsiere, and the large medor clutches in a few colors. I saw a violet small kelly wallet in chevre and was THIS CLOSE to getting it, but I already have a violet bearn.

    All the SAs are helpful.

    It's a nice selection-- what are you looking for?
  9. ^^May, I was in SF a few weeks ago and after the work meetings went to the store only to find they close at 6PM! Argh, I was so disappointed. Of course the SCP store is 20 min from my home..
  10. I learn something new everyday!
  11. jessie77, shopaholicious, Irishgal - dear, wonderful ladies! Thank you for the invaluable information! :smooch:

    I'm hoping that somehow, a classic colour birkin will appear on the shelf the day DH drops by. :sweatdrop: What are my chances? :weird:
    Anyhoo, let's see what pops up. DH is a great enabler - tho' probably not as super duper as Mr PetPringles :graucho: He is totally resigned that I want to get a birkin this year :noggin: IF we find one, that is...
    But, I must say, the hunt for one is pretty fun (price increases notwithstanding).

  12. FYI, Blueberry -- no Birkins in SF today. Was in the store briefly and the only "classic" bags were a couple of Kellys - a Lagoon and a dark brown - both 28s I believe.

    Good luck!