Hermes in September Vogue UK

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  1. Here are a couple of snaps of the mentions in Vogue this month. The embossing will I assume be in the Bond Street store - or does anyone know if Manchester do it?
    The Josef Albers scarves look lovely and the "special" box is intriguing! Anyone seen them/ know when they are released?
    Sorry about the pic quality - I will try to scan if i get chance....

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  2. Thanks Poshhoney!
  3. Ooh - not seen that - did you mention scarves? Please keep us posted Poshhoney. Thanks for sharing.
  4. It was supposed to happen at the Manchester store in Feb last year when they had a craftsperson in store making a Kelly but she was so busy fielding everyone's questions that she ran out of time to do any monogramming. My Herbag was sent away afterwards to have it monogrammed in blindstamp fashion. Ask in the shop if they will have the bag sent to London to have it done.

    I have to say though that I regret having it done. It was an unnecessary spur of the moment thing.

    Maybe the Manchester shop will have some special events coming up later this year as it will be 10 years old this November. Oh how I remember the gala opening with fondness!

    cvw1004 - do I see llamas???
  5. I was in the Manchester shop on Monday and the manageress said they are having a refit at some point so maybe they will have a special reopening after that
  6. Thanks for the article info. I will try to get an issue here
  7. Posh, I stumbled upon an article about these scarves a few days ago, saying that they are limited edition, only 200 are available for each design.
    Let me put the link to the article:
  8. Here's some scans of the articles above and one little editorial of a Jige too



  9. Les Tambours - sort of, they are alpacas - should finally be getting some in the spring next year :yahoo: I have three loves - DH, H and any animal that DH will let me have (currently chickens and a cat)!!
  10. Thanks for the scans Mooks. :tup:
  11. I will be interested to see what they do with the Manchester shop as it is rather small
  12. Thanks Mooks - much better than my fuzziness! There was a rather nice top somewhere in there there too in one of the "hippie" sections as I recall.

  13. chickens? we gotta see pictures! :P


    Thanks poshhoney for starting the thread, and thanks mooks for the scans!
  14. Thanks, wonder if the scarfs can be found. Will go hunting tomorrow!
  15. I saw that! I am so in love with that blue, white and black square, it's gorgeous.