Hermes in Prague

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  1. Can anyone confirm if there is still an Hermes store in Prague? I'll be going next month, and I went to the site to get the address.... and there store locator page for Prague is now blank??

  2. Think there is a problem with the website, had the same problem when I was looking up a phone number for another store. So if you don't get at replay here try the website again.
  3. A few months ago when DH went it was closed for a refurb that may be the reason
  4. It was a website problem! PHEW! Thank you both for your help!!
  5. I was in Prague over Christmas and went into the charming H store that's in the old Jewish Quarter.
  6. are the hermes bags cheaper in Prague than in Vienna?
    what would be the least expensive H leather bag that can be bought ?
  7. This summer, I'll be visiting Prague and then Paris. I know the drill at FSH and the other stores. I'd like to see if I can score a KC or KP in Prague as a first pass before trying in Paris. Is the store large enough to potentially offer to a tourist?? I have a few other items on my list including other leather, RTW and jewelry. Any SA recommendation would also be appreciated. TIA
  8. Went to the store a couple months ago. It is pretty small and I would be surprised if you got a good bag haul there.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I’ll figured as such. Surprisingly, I started to look online for CR. Everything costs more there than in US when you do the currency conversion. I plan on sticking with Paris for my loot! :biggrin:
  10. Visited the store in Prague that was currently at a temp location. Bags they had on display:
    20190204_153231.jpg 20190204_153224.jpg

    I didn't enquire about any bags but did ask to see current season silks. The SA who assisted me was lovely and they had a good selection of current season silks including losange mousselines. Pricing in CZK is almost comparable to €. For example a 90cm silk is 370€ and 140cm silk is 725€ in comparison to CZK 9800 (~379€) and CZK 19,200 (~742€) respectively.
  11. Thank you for your update. I notice that some tags are displayed in front of Kellys and Birkins, but I couldn’t read the words. Can anyone kindly advise the meaning of those tags? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  12. It says Reserved. There are very few stores that would have coveted bags on display without a tag that says Display Only or Reserved these days. ;)
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  13. The tags say Reserved and Display only... basically they are not for sale...
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  14. For displayed only
    Meaning waiting for walk in to dropped big $$$
    In order to make them work
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  15. Hopefully you scored something nice