Hermes in Paris/France- Pricing?

  1. I was mesmerized by the blue lizard Bearn wallet at the Hermes store on Friday. (Seriously, the glow of this wallet was gorgeous...) It's $2400USD, which is steeper than what I'd want to spend; however, I'm going to Paris in September and would consider buying it there if the price is better. Does anyone know how much a Bearn would be in euros?

    I asked my SA (felt so gauche!) and she said that Hermes tries to keep pricing even; I'd probably just save on tax. But I'm staying in Paris for a couple years and therefore, won't meet the requirements for a tax refund.
  2. If your not going to save the tax, your saving will be minimal and the likelihood of finding such a unique color/skin is pretty slim. If you love the blue lizard bearn I would snatch it up.
  3. Thanks for the vote... that is what I think too, but not what my bank account tells me.

    I'd mentally set aside a certain amount of money if I found a bag that I liked... not necessarily a Hermes... but I never contemplated paying twice as much as I'd planned for a wallet! (However beautiful. Sigh.)
  4. H is definitely bad for the bank account. Good thing is they do hold some resale value more so than any other designer. So you may want to keep that in mind.
  5. Wow! - If you're going to Paris - I bet you will find something you (AND your bank account:smile:) love at the vintage shops.

    Take a look at the postings for Paris locations - I believe Opportunities is well known and Pete & Mario have a shop. If you have two years, I would think the hunt would be fun!!!
  6. Thanks for the info, Abby.

    There is actually a wealth of information on tax/customs when returning to the U.S. and, of course, on Hermes in Paris. But it's more difficult getting a quote on the lizard Bearn (but the general consensus and the logical conclusion is that it will be about equal for exotic skin, exchange rate, and if I don't get the tax back-- IF I can find the same wallet in Paris).

    Oh well. I really can't justify the money right now so it's less of a hunt as opposed to a wait and wish.
  7. I bought a chevre tri-fold bearn in Paris last October for 1380e, it was about a $100 difference with US price right off the bat. I then got my 10% VAT refund. I agree with ReneH though, the right skin/color combination isn't that easy to come by. I originally really wanted a Rouge VIF to match my birkin, but ended up buying the signature orange since it wasn't available. If you love it, get it.
  8. Do you happen to know where Opportunities and Pete & Mario are in Paris? I am going to France tomorrow and I love designer vintage.
  9. I only know from reading Purse Forum that "Pete & Mario" is a forum member, luxury-zurich ( with an online site. Maybe you can query them to see where their shop is in Paris? Have fun!
  10. Wait, just a question. The tax in France is 19.63%. Someone said that the reimbursement was for 10%. The reimbursement isn't for the whole 19.63%? If that's the case...WHY? :crybaby:
  11. ^
    Because you have to pay a fee to the company that gives refunds.

    ALso (allthough I'm not 100% sure), the country doesn't always give back the full VAT?