Hermes in Mexico City

  1. I know this is a longshot but has anyone been to the Hermes in mexico City?

    We are moving to Mexic City in about a month's time and was wondering what the Hermes there is like in terms of inventory and prices :wlae::graucho:
  2. I have no idea! But I just wanted to wish you well on your move!!!
  3. Thanks Jag.

    I am a recent Hermes convert fan and found this forum to be so so useful! Gosh I have learnt so much about Hermes and everything about it!
  4. Well, good luck and wishing you well on your move.
  5. Hey Ladies/Gentlemen,

    Just spent 2 weeks in Mexico City house hunting to get ready for the move in October and caught a glimsp of the Hermes store on President Masaryk. Anyway was even more thrilled when we decided on an apartment a couple of blocks from the Hermes store!!!!!

    Anyway the excitement does not stop there! Decided to pop in one azy afternoon and was truly amazed by the inventory there. I swear god that there was at least 8 Birkins (saw Togo and can't remember the others because my head was spinning by then) in various sizes (both 30 and 35 cm)and colours (etoupe!!!! and gold and again can't remember the names of the other colours due to the spinning head) just sitting on the shelves!!!!! next to a couple of Kellys!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, the SAs there were really friendly and patient. Since I just got my Birkin 40 a couple of months ago, I was on a bag ban for the rest of the year but nonethless I walked out with a gorgeous Carre 70 Scarf - thanks to the DH ;)

    Just thought I share the above information with everyone and especially for those who are within the vicinity (or within a couple of hours flight from the USA) and are dying to get their hands on a new Birkin without the waitlist!!!!!
  6. How are the prices compared to your other experiences?
  7. I have heard that the prices are very high in Mexico Hermes, but things could have changed.
  8. I have heard the same...very expensive
  9. must be lucky that day. I have been there a few times over the years and I have never seen a birkin in that store.
  10. Well I am not sure about the prices compare to the US but I think it is quite cheap?

    The Carre 70 scarf I bought was 2280 pesos (which includes 15%TVA (sales tax?) on the receipt afterwards). I think the same Carre 70 scarf on the Hermes US website was going for USD280 so the prie must be quite cheap given that the exchange rate for Mexican Pesos to USD is about 1 USD to 10 Pesos?

    I also checked out the 35cm Birkin in gold togo and it was aproximately about 87000 Pesos?
  11. Yeah I felt pretty lucky that day. Actually I was there on Monday evening after DH got off work ;) and was really excited to see so much bags on the shelves!

    I think the Birkin may be a bit more expensive than other cities but hey without the 2 yrs waitlist and a ton of colours to pick from, I'd say get it ;) I am dreaming about my next Birking 40 cm ;)

    Plus the SAs were all very nice and friendly.
  12. $7843.66 USD is over $500 more than in the US:wtf:

    But I can imagine how excited you were to see all that inventory!
  13. remember the currency rate changes daily...
    not to mention the price of a flight / hotel / etc...
  14. ^^very true gmel
  15. 35 Togo Birkin is US$7500 before tax, right?