Hermes in Las Vegas


Oct 21, 2007
I know there is an H store in both the Wynn and Bellagio, but is one of them "better" than the other in terms of stock and selection? Is one store significantly bigger than the other?

I'll be in Vegas this weekend (yay Spice Girls concert!!) and this will be the second time at an H boutique so I'm super excited! I'm not looking to pick up anything extravagant like a Kelly :love: but just maybe some small leather accessories or a twilly or another scarf? Ooohh or a cup! From my obsessive researching, I've discovered H is much more than just Birkins and I can't wait to see everything H has to offer for myself!

Either way, I'll visit both but it would be nice to know if there is one that is preferred by you H experts! Oh and if you can direct me to one that has the least snottiest SAs, that would be great!



Believing in Magic
Feb 27, 2006
I've only been to the one in the bellagio, and I was disappointed. I have only been to one other Hermes, but found that they had a better selection. I also got the impression that they get so many tourists, that they took me less seriously.
However, I have a feeling that much of it is timing and who you get for an SA, and I may not have hit Vegas at a good time or got the best person.
Oct 24, 2007
I agree with ck21...I was there for a conference mid last month and decided to check out the local H boutique and I was met with the same coldness. I decided not to return as I had plans to visit everyday and try my luck in scoring a bag for my wife. I felt odd in that I have money to spend but still felt not good enough.

I think they reserve their special items for local customers that will return for more business. Now, I do not think it was me...since it happened to ck21 as well. It doesn't matter for me though as I was able to score the birkin and will give the business to the place that took care of me the best!

Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
The H store in the Wynn is going to be in the new tower which is not completed yet. So we only have one H right now.
They have had ALOT of bags lately, guess because of Christmas. I'm a local so my perception is not what you guys experienced. I would say the best thing is to keep going back, shows you are a serious buyer, not just a looker. They might "warm up" if you know the bag names & leathers.


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Mar 3, 2006
I would say the best thing is to keep going back, shows you are a serious buyer, not just a looker. They might "warm up" if you know the bag names & leathers.

ITA ... showing interest and knowledge about their product will certainly help. I am a local as well, but thought they had great service before I moved to Vegas. I really think that it all depends on whom you speak with. Good luck and happy hunting for H :P!!!


Jul 23, 2006
I only know of one Hermes in Vegas. I was there recently and quite liked one of the male SAs there. They had a decent bag selection at the time, but none that really fit me (so close with a black box Kelly... if only it was a 28!). They were helpful at locating a red berries twilly for me from the spring collection which I couldn't find in Canada or Europe before they sold out.

I wasn't really there looking for a Birkin and just needed a few things for X'mas gifts and was happy with the service I got there. I don't know how receptive they are to serious inquiries from out of town though since I didn't ask.
May 27, 2007
I've been to the H in the Bellagio several times, and had varying degrees of good to bad service there. I have found that the male SAs give consistently the best service. Noone falls over themselves to help you, but I've never been outright ignored at this store either. Hope you find something nice while you are there, and report back what you see on the shelves cause I'll be there in a few weeks!


Oct 21, 2007
thanks for all the advice everyone! i guess i was misinformed because i just checked and there is only one store at bellagio! that makes things a little easier!

i will definitely report back and maybe have a little reveal of my own!


Sep 18, 2006
I was at the Bellagio H during Thanksgiving weekend and met the nicest SA ever! Her name is Vanda and she was working almost everyday during my stay there. The other SAs were cold but this lady was so kind and took almost an hour to show me how to tie a scarf! I ended up buying one just because I felt bad for all the time she'd spent with me! She even took my info down for some H bags I was looking for. I absolutely recommend you look her up while you're in Vegas! Good luck!


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Jul 21, 2007
DJ was a very helpful SA. I found him fun and not "snooty". Good luck and have FUN!

Was he tall and nice looking? If so, he waited on me the week of Thanksgiving and he was an excellent SA. I felt well informed. He was very patient and willing to please. And very warm for a man, I might add. But all man.


May 29, 2007
Just wanted to update with my experience at this store this week.

DH and I met Vanda - he chatted with her while looking at ties, and she was very nice. We told her she was famous now!
Chika showed me several purses, one of which I ended up buying. She was very sweet and patient.
There was also a male SA, who was very helpful answering questions about the mailing arrangements for my bag. Unfortunately, I forgot to get his name...


May 17, 2007
I will be in Vegas for several days after Christmas and will be going to H. I have been to the Vegas H a couple times before but didn't ever really look around--not the best service. Can a local or someone who has been in recently tell me if they have a good selection of accessories--agendas, cadenas, scarves?