Hermes in Japan

  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone been to Hermes stores in Japan? I might have an upcoming opportunity to visit Japan and would love to spend some time in their H store.

    Please tell me your experiences (are there normally lots of new stuff there, and are the prices more expensive than other countries such as US etc) ?

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  3. mudmud:
    I've been to H stores in Japan. There are quite a few of them. Hermes Ginza flagship store prob has the most inventory. (5 floors of H!). the prices are slightly higher than US. and there are some goodies that are not as easily seen in US. for example, differnt styles of keychain, differnt styles of coin purse, etc.
    and ..amazing service.
    enjoy and good luck!
  4. I agree with Fesdu!

    I saw some jewelry I had not seen in Europe before. Also, there were many "bigger" bags available, as most ladies prefer < 30 cm.
  5. Thanks for your help everybody!
  6. Ginza is the best. Several Kellys, Evelynes, Bolides and a few HACs on display when I was there in December. SAs very helpful too.
  7. Also, Takashimaya has a good Hermes department.
  8. I've been to the H Ginza flagship store on the 1st wk of April. Indeed it's a good experience to walk in this 5-storey shop. But have to say that the bags are likely to be more expensive than other parts of Asia. I saw some "travel Birkins" - 50 cm in black togo (around USD11,000) and 55cm in taupe togo (around USD13,000). Kelly as well - gold boxcalf with silver hardware (around USD7,200). This style of Kelly also appears at the Shinjuku Isetan Department store at the time I visit.
  9. I had bought a 28 HAC for my friend from Tokyo Hermes store, it was quite expensive. Hong Kong price HKD$52,900 Tokyo Price HKD$61,480 almost 16% diff. so just look, don't buy (unless Japan only items)