Hermes in HK and Tokyo -- Where to start???

  1. I just sat down to make a list of the Hermes boutiques and resellers in HK and Tokyo and I feel overwhelmed! So so so many shops.

    I'll be in HK for 3 days and Tokyo for 5 days. I'm treating my trip as a fact-finding mission for a Kelly -- I want to see the different sizes, leathers and construction -- and wouldn't mind seeing some Birkins and Plumes along the way. ;) Where would you go first (second, third...)?

    Thanks in advance for any advice! :wlae:
  2. I just came back and bought a lovely Stephen Sprouse LV from a resale shop in Tokyo, the store was packed with incredible bags, new and discontinued, and they of course carried many Hermes bags including mostly Birkins and Kellys. These stores are all over Tokyo, and my understanding is that authenticity is never a problem-just out of principal (my bag is definitely real)...The resale store I visited was a boutique within a variety store called Muji near the Ginza subway station. It was about 2 blocks away so you could ask for it by name there. Just walk to the back of the store for the bag boutique.
  3. Go to Hermes mothership in Ginza. I am sure you'll see Kelly there. and possibility birkin or HAC bag and plumes and Paris bombay and everything else!.
    then don't miss any other Hermes botiques in the department stores. (takashimaya ). and LOOOVE the service in Japan!
    don't know about HK sorry. :flowers:

    resale shop for Japan you should ask Tokyogirl! she is the expert! :yes: