Hermes in Hangzhou!

  1. Some photos from the beautiful Hermes shop in Hangzhou (China). Some bags downstairs -- and upstairs . . . 32cm black box Kelly PH sellier AND 32cm vermillion togo Kelly PH retourne AND BJ JPG shoulder Birkin. Beautiful!

    The lovely SA said the shop just opened late June and is twice as large as the one in Shanghai. And it was open 'til 9pm!


    (Sorry so blurry!)
    Hangzhou Hermes 1.JPG Hangzhou Hermes 2.JPG Hermes Hangzhou 3.JPG
  2. Thanks for the pictures! Cute windows! :nuts:
  3. Hey, Beaumonde, since you're the first to show window pictures after the idea was brought up. Do you want to have the honors of starting the "Hermes Windows Around the World" thread?
  4. Great pix Beaumonde! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thank you for the photos Beaumonde!

    I wonder how the prices are in China? Are they more/less expensive in the U.S.?
  6. couldn't agree more! :roflmfao:
  7. find some nice shot of outside looking for this HERMES (HANGZHOU,CHINA)boutique, it's the 2nd HERMES porcelain boutique in the world. it's also the biggest HERMES boutique
  8. Thanks for sharing the pics:nuts:
  9. not finished yet, click wrong button:sweatdrop:

    it's the biggest hermes boutique in CHINA, not the world.:graucho:
  10. gals if got any chance to visit PEIKING ,the HERMES BOUTIQUE (PEIKING) seems got quite lot choices.:yahoo:
    PEIKING.jpg PEIKING2.jpg PK3.jpg
  12. Thanks for the pictures!

    Nice color variety of Birkins and Kellys in Peking.
  13. it's just newly decorated and reopen on Sep.15. hope those lovely birkins still stay there. if anybody intrested, i can do call for you gals for current availabitlity and price ya:yahoo: but actually i dn't think bags from china is not very good choice on price, it always a little more expensive than europ and USA.:sweatdrop:

    L.V---the red birkin you wanted seems lie there too ya,:lol:
  14. What a selection!!
  15. gorgeous pictures! thansk for sharing!