Hermes in Germany

  1. hello

    I cant seem to find hermes store listings in Germany. Could someone please tell me where i can find a birkin in germany.

    Many thanks

  2. There are about 14 Hermes stores in Germany, 2 are in Berlin plus a couple of airport stores I think. Which city did you want to visit? I could get an address/phone mumber for you. I don't know how easy it might be to buy a Birkin in Germany, about as easy as everywhere else I expect, ie almost impossible or pure luck on the day, lol.
  3. hey! thanks for replying... Well i'm going to be in Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf.... so any of those places will do.

  4. Cologne is close to Dusseldorf ( 20 minutes drive last time I was there) and there is a lovely Hermes shop facing the catherdral right on the central square. Just can't miss it. Chances of finding a Birkin available on the floor just when you are passing by are pretty minimal. Best chances of that would be in capital cities, centres of commerce like Frankfurt or very chi chi places like Baden-Baden. All the addresses are in back of each Monde d'Hermes.
  5. Hello

    Hermes München
    Tel.+49 (0) 89 2919703

  6. Hermes Düsseldorf
    Königsallee 10
    Tel.+49 (0) 211 864380

    Hermes Berlin
    Kurfürstendamm 58
    Tel.+49 (0) 30 32708375

    Hermes Berlin
    Tel+49 (0) 30 2067830

  7. Thanks Tash, beat me to it, :flowers: