Hermes in Geneva

  1. My DH has promised me a fuchsia ostrich Birkin for my 40th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary next Dec. My country's Hermes stores have closed the waitlist indefinitely, and I do not forsee travelling to Paris (sorry, been there 3 times and met with crime twice, so it has really put me off) or anywhere "civilized" anytime in the near future (am taking adventure-style holidays while I still can).

    While I could get it from eBay, I really want to have it come directly from Hermes. My DH's business partner lives in Geneva, and he suggested we ask him to place an order there. Does anyone have any experience with the Geneva Hermes store? The business partner is a scruffy-looking Irishman (although making a few $M a year) – would the SAs be too stuck-up to allow him to place an order, do you think?

    I hear reports of SAs selecting who is worthy of a Birkin, and it just worries me, since this guy hardly looks like a multi-millionaire and more like a slightly-drunk Irish rouge! And needless to say, he has never been inside any H stores.

    Any input would be most appreciated!
  2. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let the charming Irishman try for you. The Irish are a most persuasive and loquacious race!
  3. My experience with the H stores in Switzerland is, that if you're nice to the SA's you should be able to put down your order. Perhaps a little nice chat is needed (always interesting), but not a year-long building up for a relationship. Good luck!
  4. The worst scenario they can say is No!
    You won't know unless your find out.
    Good Luck and happy early birthday and ann'y.