hermes in Deluxemall

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  1. hi girls,
    i know the difficulties to get a K or B. But i saw seller post a lot of brand new K or B (same seller) for sale at Deluxemall and stated it all brand new and personally brought from paris or italy.. Can anyone enlighten me how they can get it so easily not one but a lot??
  2. probably the same way the other resellers get their bags. either a "special" sa willing to give them lots of bags or they have people buy them and they pay them extra for them.
  3. Hi IceyMickey,

    As far as I know, alot of Hermes replicas or imitation bags are stamped K or M.. Another reason, why they are able to buy in bulks cause the bags are probably cheap fakes. The most expensive so-called good material fake Hermes only costs a few hundreds. So you got to be really careful when buying from Deluxemall.

    Check out other websites that sell these fake bags - the bags are stamped but not according to the year it was made.

    This year's stamp for Hermes is O ...

    Hope that helps! ;)
  4. deluxe mall is generally real. i don't think a bunch of fake bags would sell for a lot OVER retail.
  5. What I meant was that these fakes costs only a few a hundreds each bag and so they are able to buy a bulk and sell them off for thousands of dollars each and state these bags as genuine.
  6. There are always real seller and fake seller, one just had to be extra careful
  7. They have so many bags up there its staggering, it will fill a warehouse completely. Do the math and realize there's no way H can make this many bags newly stamped bags and so happened to land at deluxemall at the same time. Several sellers and bags, I wouldn't go near even with a 10-foot pole.
  8. when in doubt, if you see one you like, post it in the authentication thread! :smile:
  9. Know your seller....