Hermes In Delta Sky Magazine

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  1. From the February 2010 issue

  2. ;)Hey I would like to have that smaller Birkin for 5K. Where do you get that one???
    There must be a good exchange rate somewhere I am missing.
    Thanks livethelake!
  3. TT - that's exactly what I wanted to know! I think I actually said it out loud when reading the article yesterday :lol:
  4. :nuts:Nevermind that they state that H produces "five bags per week". LOL!
  5. And I have noticed the gradual appearance of a LOT more ads in the WSJ for H too - full pagers. They sure are upping the print-ad marketing $$ lately. You'd think they'd try to control the articles to at least make sure they're somewhat factual! LOL!
  6. Well we all know that H doesn't produce five Birkin's per week. If that were the case then Createurs*de*Luxe would have purchased the entire annual production, and then some!