Hermes in Copenhagen

  1. I just wanted to say a couple of things about the store in Copenhagen (center-city, not airport)...

    It was empty, first of all, which was so nice, especially after the Louis Vuitton store was crowded as hell and full of people being really obnoxious...

    Then, one of the SAs was so nice to me, walked around with me, showed me the men's area, and explained things when they were a little unobvious (a red felt pouch for carrying a deck of cards...apparently)...

    it was such a gorgeous store, with...omg...i was SO SHOCKED...and excited...a 25cm (or smaller??....very tiny, maybe 8 inches tall?) blue jean croc Kelly with diamonds on the hardware!!!! it was gorgeous!

    and then there was this really nice men's canvas messenger-esque bag (although no front flap or anything, just a zip top) in either black or brown...very attractive and simple. i think it was DKK 6000 or something, which is about $1000? i didnt get a great look at it.

    I also saw some great belts, with the simple silver H buckle...but i was sorta intimidated and didnt look at the price...but the SA was very excited to tell me they are reversible...

    anyone have any idea about the bag or the belts (their price ranges?)

    ok, well i just wanted to express the awesomeness of my experience...i really adored going there and being treated nicely...
  2. anything else on display??????? anymore bags?????????

    what a lovely experience you had! any pics??
  3. Great report--thanks so much for sharing; that blue jean croc Kelly must have been TDF! Glad you had such a positive experience at the Copenhagen store.
  4. Ooh thanks for sharing the info! Glad to hear you had a great experience at the H boutique!
  5. Wow - I'd love a picture of that 25 Kelly!! Thanks for the report!
  6. I love BJ croc! WOuld love to hear more about what they had!
  7. Mmm ... blue jean croc Kelly w/ diamonds!!! That's something I want to see just for the sheer visual pleasure of it!!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
  8. wow! i should take a detour on my way to the supermarket some time (yes, i live such a ridiculous place that my nearest supermarkets seem to be magasin and the irma in illum.. gahhhh) :biggrin:
  9. I was a little dazzled and frazzled by the BJ Kelly, that i barely remember anything else...I do remember there being a black croc Bearn (long) wallet, and some other exotic skinned pieces...

    There were a bunch of garden party totes, both in leather and canvas...i walked past the agenda/diary area and the parfum area, and randomly picked up a green leather (cant remember what kind) triangular pencil case.

    I would have taken a pic of the BJ kelly, but thought better of it...wondering if they would ask me not to, or leave...

    i left CPH yesterday and came all the way (like 6000 miles i think) back to florida...where i am contemplating taking a road trip to Palm Beach or Naples for the Hermes stores...
  10. Now THAT would be a fun road trip, srq2009!!!!!!
  11. I was at the Hermes store in Copenhagen last summer and just for the heck of it, I asked if they had any Birkins..the lady who helped me almost laughed at the ridiculousness of it (at least it seemed ridiculous to her) and then she said they basically never had Birkins there. At least that was what she told me.

    Speaking of Birkins, I had a nice pseudo-Birkin experience just right now. A new Hermes store opened in my neighborhood (how dangerous -- 5 minutes away!) and my friend and I decided to go in for the first time before going to lunch. There was a black 35 Birkin -- in fact, there were 2 of them in different leathers -- and a 30 etoupe Birkin. I couldn't believe it! Well, I'd just bought a 30 rouge garance Birkin in Paris last month so I didn't think I should buy the etoupe just then, although I so loved how it looked!! However, I remembered that my friend was hankering for a black 35 with silver HW, which was exactly what was on the shelf. So I rang her up and confirmed that this was what she wanted, and bought it for her just now.
    The bag wasn't for me, but even buying it for someone else was rather fun!
  12. Wow! Where was your bags on the shelf experience, TT? Just curious, of course...
  13. At the newest Hermes store in Tokyo.
    It may have just been a lucky day yesterday, but it was certainly raining Kellys and Birkins yesterday over here.
  14. wow, BJ croc! i've never seen one before! anyone have a pic??
  15. ^^^I think this is BJ croc, the 25cm must have been dreamy:love: ...I love this size.
    kellycroc0.jpg kellycroc01.jpg kellycroc02.jpg