Hermes In Consignment Shop

  1. Hey ladies,
    went into the city today and went to some consignment shops in the city. found one store that had a togo/clemence gold birkin 30 for 8800, a gold ostrich same size, and a purple 32 kelly (smooth, shiny leather)... if anyone is interested!

    do hermes bags often show up in consignment? of the three i went to, only one store had 'em.
  2. I've never seen one at a consignment shop... but 8800 $ (? where?) - it's much money for a used birkin, isn't it?
  3. NYC... sorry the cold is making my brain freeze today. i think consigners from what i've read in past threads, mark up the bags for a profit. i was almost inclined to get it, but i held back b/c i know my SA will get me "the one"... i hope soon!!!
  4. A few years ago I did send a couple of my H bags I wasn't using to the consignment shop I sell through for sale...usually they do sell for less than retail though as mine were more used - perhaps this was new? Still sounds high --
  5. Which consignment shop was it?
  6. Was it Michael's??
  7. encore
  8. encore.
  9. i just spoke to someone there and was told that they actually have more hermes bags and that some of them are in fact brand new (including the gold birkin). i didn't get pricing info.

    i bought some other non-Hermes bags from them after a friend suggested the place. i have never been in person though.
  10. From experience with consignment shops in my area...they mark high to save a little room for counteroffers and also due to the fact most places do a 50/50 split.
  11. whoaaa! 50/50 split is too high. i knw a consignment shop which only get 15% of the selling value
  12. I think they charge 50/50 because the items compete with the other items that they're selling that are theirs.
  13. there is a consignment store in London that has at least 15 Hermes bags at the moment, mostly birkins but some kellys but they are very expensive £4,500-£5,500
  14. are there any consignment shops in toronto selling Hermes???
  15. I do feel much with consignment has to do with the area in which you live and the customer base/income level. I am sure in certain areas high markups would not be warranted, but in other areas it is pretty much an understood.