Hermes in Cina

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  1. In Canton the SAs are so nice! The shop is not so big but they had a lot of stuff!

    Vert anis chevre rigid kelly 32

    Brown box vibrato birkin 35 gh

    BJ 28 kelly (maybe togo not sure)

    Black 35 black togo kelly ph

    Vibrato picotin small

    Green big picotin

    2 big birkin for travel (forgot the name) in bj and gold
    In Shanghai the SAs are not as nice. The shop is little bigger. They had:

    Violet bolide chevre
    kelly 25 gold
    2 kelly pochette
    many gp

    The prices are much higher than in Europe! About 30% higher!!!
  2. OMG!!! :crybaby: How I wish I was there right now!!! :wtf:
  3. Hmmmm, anyone up for a trip to China?
  4. ^ I am!
  5. Me me me!!!!:nuts: I can translate and haggle too:lol:
  6. heheh Kou.. you know what I want... if ever you go there.. heheh
  7. Kou! love you to bits but I think you would be a very bad influence indeed in any Hermes store...
  8. costa!

    got your PM - you're a sweetie...I'm after a 28, though, but thanks for thinking of me!!:flowers:
  9. Who? Me? Bad influence? Why, I have no idea what you're talking about~~:angel: :P
  10. It was a rigid one. It's a bit different from mine but it's worth waiting:yes: soooo beautifull.
  11. i've been canton HERMES boutique too, costa, you're def rite, the SAs there very kind! a realy nice experience.:yahoo: read on forum can't belive so many gals unproper treated by other boutique's SA,if i was treated ignored like that, i wont buy from them!!never!!:hysteric: