Hermes in China

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  1. Do you know anything on Hermes in China?
    DH will be in Pekin and Sahangai and I was wandering on what the prices will and so.
    Do you have any advise?
    He will go to Singapour to....:yes:
  2. :angel:
  3. When will he go? I'll be in China in a month and can report back!

    Maybe he can make a short trip to HK (land of the Birkins) while over there?
  4. He will be there mid sept.
  5. Ahhh... then you will have to fill me in on the Hermes finds! :graucho:

    Good luck and safe travels to your DH!
  6. Please do my DH is going in mid Oct!!!
  7. My friend has been offered several birkins but wasn't her favourite so I think looks like chances are high for them to show up!
  8. I dunno about China, but I dont think you can get a birkin just like that from Singapore. They have a waitlist there, and chances are if your DH is just visiting (with no prior relationship to the store) he wont get it.

    I know there are several tPFers who lives in S'pore, perhaps they know more, and please Singaporean tPFers correct my above post if I'm wrong..
  9. OMG!!!!:yahoo:
    Let's hope they'll do the same with DH!!
  10. Oh you should call ahead - put yourself on waitlist possibly..and when your DH is there it might just be in! :smile:
  11. Oh btw the dark color birkins are easy to get in China, its the lighter colors (ie. WHITE) that is harder to get !
  12. It's close to impossible to get a birkin just by walk-in in Sgp. They have a 'waitlist' and they def do not have enuff supply to meet the demand. U have better luck in HK, Japan and China.
  13. Interesting....opposite stateside.
  14. Wow that's weird but totally good to know!

    Do items in the boutiques in China cost more or less than in the US/Europe after you factor in the dollar-yuan conversion? My fiance is heading to Shanghai and Beijing this October so I may have to send him on a little mission for me while he's there.... :smile:
  15. hum,.. Good luck!