Hermés in Beijing (dutyfree)

  1. Time flies, and my week in Beijing is almost over and it's first this evening I realise I live just across from a Hermés. So my question is, should I wait and buy dutyfree at the airport or just buy in the city? How much will I save if I buy at the airport? Is the shop a big one? Any information regarding this would be most appreciated :yes:
  2. I was at the duty free shop in December. It was small and had the standard scarves, ties, Garden Party bags and other smaller items.
  3. Wouldn't you still be able to get it duty free at the Hermes store? Most larger department stores etc. will do this if you spend a certain amount and tell them you are leaving the country soon. I can't remember how - I think they either wrap it up like at the duty free store, or you pay the full amount and then claim it back at the airport? Anyway, just ask as the store across the road will probably have better supplies!