Hermes in Bazaar

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  1. Anyone seen the new Bazaar? Great female exec style spread on page 166...........Power blonde carrying amazing 35cm black box retourne kelly!
  2. Would it be this one? Sounds like the same one that was in Town and Country this month.
    Love the look
    Hermes in Print.jpg
  3. she has 2 bags? Why?
  4. the croc bag is a briefcase-
  5. thanks i LOVE this look!
  6. BLACK&WHITE is BACK:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    so's BLONDE
  7. oh
  8. Awesome!
  9. looks great indeed
  10. i know i am so into black, white............ and all shades of gray!
  11. great pic! thanks for scanning and sharing.
  12. i know! when i saw this i thought, now i gotta get a kelly! that's a power bag!!!
  13. But why a BV briefcase and not the sac a depeches? Not that I have anything against BV...
    Glenda Bailey is a big fan of Hermes.

    I am all about black, a smidgen of white yes, and yes, more and more gray these days--!
  14. Love it!
  15. [​IMG]

    Absolutely beautiful!