hermes in bahamas?

  1. going to the bahamas for christmas and i was wondering whether there is a hermes boutique in or near atlantis? and if you know what prices are like, that would be great!!! interested in a bearn wallet and if they have a kelly, well i'll be starving for the next 3 years.
  2. You are going to Bahamas...? I've been there 4 times for my side job when I was in college, but I was not into Hermes at that time...So, I don't know where Hermes is in Bahamas. It's a beautiful place!:heart: Good luck for your hunting Hermes bag!:P
  3. I stayed at Atlanits and walked around downtown Nassau and didn't see one.
    I saw Bvlgari, Gucci and Versace only that I can remember.
  4. I'm looking in my le Monde right now, and there isn't one listed, although I'm sure there will be a store there that sells some Hermes items?
  5. i was at atlantis the past two januarys... i remember gucci and versace... no hermes, no LV. there's limited high end boutiques.
  6. Have a wonderful trip.
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