hermes in amsterdam

  1. hi everybody,does anyone has expierence with the h store in amsterdam,holland,europe?
  2. look out for hkloosterman. I think she's in holland :flowers:
  3. Oooooo Me, ME!!!!!! The staff there are fab, very friendly. What do you need to know?
  4. Hi I am from Amsterdam, and still have an appartment there, but don't travel that much anymore (used to be every 2 weeks), with my 2 little kids it is too hard (and school started too).

    Cal knows best, as I have never been IN the Hermes store, i have heard good experiences... and am pleasantly surprised as the Dutch service is not always rated greatly :smile:
  5. Nice to hear that they are so nice.Now I dare to enter the shop while I am there.Who knows whats in store for me!!
  6. when will you go? will you stay in Amsterdam? How long ?
  7. Hi HKloosterman,I am living in holland!(Ik woon in holland!)
  8. Hi Flower,

    I find the SA's there absolutely AMAZING - in fact I was just of the phone with my SA talking about scarves, PO orders, etc. The store is pretty quiet (but I only go during the week). Their range is pretty good (IMO) and if there's something that you are after they can check the store in Antwerp and if necessary, Paris.
  9. Hi Cal,agree with HKloosterman ,nice to hear the sa's are nice because the dutch service is most of the time horrible.I read some stories on the chanel forum about the chanel store in the PC , terrible how they treat you there!
    Can image you miss Australia with the weather in Holland!!
  10. Woohoo...will be there soon!
  11. I've heard of the bad service in Chanel too, but have also had magnificent service there (and, btw, they have the nicest toilets!). The only store I've gotten bad service at was Gucci when trying to exchange some gloves.

    Ugh, and I cannot believe the weather here, it's supposed to be summer! I was so depressed today I had a Croquetten Brodje and Frites for lunch (oink)!
  12. When, when, WHEN!!!!!! Please don't say between 4th - 11th August.
  13. July!!!!! Will PM you...
  14. Good for you , enjoy your stay!Traveling with any H-Bag?Thought that australian are not so in labels?Except maybe Nicole Kidman.Just wondering.
  15. Not sure if addressed to Cal or me...

    I will be traveling w/ an H-bag...although specific bag has yet to be determined...and I will be in Paris before Amsterdam... :graucho: