Hermes in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  1. have a quick question for my friends overseas. my dh has a business trip coming up in february to the netherlands, specifically veldhoven. he is flying from the northeast united states to dusseldorf (we think) and then will have to make his way to the netherlands. i thought i might ask him to "detour" to the hermes in amsterdam. does that seem unreasonable? is it worth a trip... and what would the best way to travel be? he is thinking he needs a driver. of course i know nothing and thought i might find some help here on tpf. thank you in advance for any info. you can provide..:heart:
  2. The Amsterdam store is my home boutique and I think it's a lovely, but small store. I'm not sure where you normally shop but because it's small, they may not stock what you're dreaming of. Do you have something special on your wishlist?
    It really depends on how much time he has. Veldhoven is a little more than an hour drive away from Amsterdam. He could hire a driver or rent a car, but taking the train is also pretty easy and then just take a tram or taxi in Amsterdam to the boutique. The train is from Eindhoven, which is the city just next to Veldhoven.
    Feel free to PM if you want some specific help or info! :yes:
  3. So is there no H store in Amsterdam city centre?
  4. Yes, the store is in the city center, but tesi's husband's is going to a small place outside Amsterdam.
  5. Well, one of my friends lives in Velthoven and it takes a lot more than 'just over an hour' to get to Amsterdam - it'll be a huge d-tour for your husband. Also, the H store in Amsterdam is small and don't carry that much stock. I'd say save him the trouble and find a larger store somewhere else :yes:
  6. As he will be in Duesseldorf anyhow he might try the store there.
  7. Maybe you can call Amsterdam and ask if there is something specific you want? Dusseldorf has a larger store but IMHO, the SAs in NL are nicer haha!
  8. I just want to let you know that Antwerp in Belgium is closer to Veldhoven than Amsterdam. The store in Antwerp is also small, but the sa's are very friendly. I was there last friday and they had no Birkin's. I saw at least 1 kelly, and 3 lindys.
  9. i went to amsterdam hermes store last october and i have to say its really2 small n imho the stock was not that good....
  10. thank you all for the info., i appreciate it tremendously. not sure if i will ask him to "detour".. perhaps i will just make sure he knows where all the hermes stores are within a 100 mile radius!:winkiss:
  11. Like Bella, the Amsterdam Boutique is my home store. I totally agree with her findings. It really depends what you are looking for. A while ago the store had a small collection of SO Kelly's, a small (box?) Kelly, some Garden Party's... The SA's in Amsterdam are great!

    I agree that Antwerp might be more convenient. It is a larger store with a larger stock. It's a good idea to think about what you like to have and then call the store.
  12. I was there last monday and they had this KP and Medor clutch in the store window
  13. last time I was in Antwerp they had a lot of kellys and some lindy's and one lindy in matte black croc.
  14. haha everything is small in holland :smile: it is just a tiny country with 16 million is tiny and the city was built when there were no cars etc... The Hermes store is not far from the Vondelpark and it is a very very nice area... the transportation is very good :smile: It is always fun to go to Amsterdam IMO :smile:
  15. Use your :heart: card: "Darling, if you still love me, would you kindly buy me that croc birkin with diamond at Hermes Amsterdam?"