Hermes Hunting map in Tokyo

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  1. Sorry to be late better than never:graucho: REVEAL pls?:biggrin:

    YES give you all the lucks you want:roflmfao:

  2. Checked out to be authentic, happy even paid too much but don't have to wait too long or search so many stores around the world :tup::jrs::wlae:
  3. I was wondering if any one has visitedor experience with L'ecrine hermes specialized boutique in Tokyo?

    They have a website too..

    they have a lot of birkins and kellys but I don't know if they are trust worthy?

  4. if u don't mind the premium, it would be a place to look for some rare bag.
  5. pretty99 have you shop L'crine before or know someone bought bags from there before? Is it a trust worthy store and are the bags authentic?

    I know the list prices are a lot more expansive... but H boutiques want you to buy and spend money on other things so it will add up pretty much the same amount of money
  6. L'ecrin is very reputable. Note that in Japan the govt takes counterfeit business very very seriously so it's a serious offense to be selling fakes.

    When you shop with L'ecrin even for online orders they will manage your tax refund.
  7. Hi ayc, I just bought 35 black Epsom Birkin in April from L'ecrin website, they were very great customer service, respond to me every email enquiries. Since they received the payment, My B arrived couple days later, I checked with SA at Sydney store, all authentic, very good experience dealing with L'ecrin. You won't be disappointed, only pay premium but a lot more choices to choose from! Good luck :happydance:
  8. Do you have to pay a lot of tax charge by Australia customs? That is quite worrying buying online, apart from authentic!!! Thanks
  9. I'm rather shocked that the Sydney store said anything about being able to authenticate. I've been told they are not allowed to and only a craftsperson can do so.
  10. thanks jadeit and visty .. that helps alot -at least something fall back on if H boutique does not get me birkin/kelly :smile:
  11. I don't think even crafts person is willing to authenticate these days there are far too many such requests.
  12. I believe the ONLY way to find out is when u take your bag in for repair or other service. Two days ago, I enquired about the price to emboss my name on my newly purchased B from the boutique. My SA said the embossment service is free for all Bs & I could bring my bag in any time! Hope that helps!
  13. Bookmark for my Tokyo trip next year :smile:
  14. I'm going to be in Japan in a month and am planning to go there. Just curious, did you authenticate the bag before purchase? Can I do that here at tpf before I purchase at L'ecrin? Thanks for your help!
  15. Hi I know this thread is like 2 months behind but has anyone bought a birkin or Kelly from *******japan? The preowned birkins and Kelly seem wonderfully priced. But what's the condition like ? Are they authentic ? Hope someone can fill me in!