Hermes Hound

  1. DH says I scared some people today.

    We were at the teeny tiny Maldives airport waiting for our plane back home to Singapore when I spotted 2 women with 3 large Hermes shopping bags (double bagged even)!! :yes:

    I walked by once and saw there was a large orange box in one bag (Kelly maybe?), and I saw other smaller orange boxes in the other bags. The women noticed me looking, so I figured I'd ask. "Did you get those here? Is there an H that i don't know about?":nuts:

    DH swears they physically recoiled a bit when they saw the rabid look I had. :wacko: I like to think it was just a bit of a language barrier. In any case, their response was, "No, we got it all in Singapore." :shocked:
  2. How funny!! We were just in the Maldives two weeks ago, and I can picture the whole scenario exactly.

    I must admit, I was sort of sniffing arouind the Male airport for Hermes items myself! :nuts:
  3. What so they were just walking around with the bags in a totally different country?
  4. We had to stopover in Singapore on the way to the Maldives, and there is a Hermes boutique (albeit small) right in the Changi Airport!! I bet they bought all that loot in the airport and had to lug it around the Maldives for their whole vacation.

    I remember seeing a couple of Lindys in the Changi H Store. Perhaps....
  5. I think you're right. I was so desperate for anything to buy at that airport, and then when I saw all that orange, I guess I got a little excited...

    Maldives was lovely though, wasn't it?
  6. ^^Asa, which island did you go to? We went to Dhonveli Island, which was nice, but not ultra-luxurious like some of the others. My husband surfs, and Dhonveli has its own surf break, so he had a very active holiday, whereas I just lounged around the whole time (no complaints here).

    We had about 3 hours in the Changi airport both ways and I ended up buying the 70cm vintage Omnibus scarf there :tup:. I also tried on the Lindys, but ended up having to run out to get our flight -- thank goodness, otherwise I would have spent more money.
  7. Jasperella--We were at the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa. Mine scuba dives, so he was happy.

    I stopped in at Changi too. Nothing exciting when I went. Although, I, too, would have schlepped those orange bags back and forth if I got good stuff!
  8. That's an understatement. I know, for sure :p.
  9. Yeah. I need to find you your ORANGE fix, asa!

    Welcome home!
  10. Asa-Cute story! :smile:
  11. Asa you are too funny! That is passion at its finest!!!
  12. I am sure I would have done the same thing. LOL
  13. I do so need some orange. I'm ready to buy that bag no one likes (Himalaya?)-- j/k --I know we have 1 or 2 fans here.
  14. So much so that asa judges things in Birkinomics. I.e. her Maldives vacation = costs of 2 Birkins. :greengrin:

    Hope Mr asa hasn't insisted that you remove MrsS from your speed dial!
  15. Somehow, I think they bought that rogue vif/vermillon lindy...