Hermes Hong Kong

  1. I know it's impossible to land a Birkin in HK unless you're a VVVVVVIP or part of Mr Lau's harem. But what about the other iconic bags like the Kelly or HAC? Considering that HK is tax-free, and the HKD is pegged to the USD, HK could possibly be the best place on this planet to shop at Hermes!
  2. It's not impossible...I've actually seen several Birkins, Kelly's, and HAC's. It's more about timing. Also it depends on what skin you're looking for. I've been seeing a lot of Ostrich Birkins, and a lot of Kelly's in Chevre. I always seem to see them whenever I go to H during the week.

  3. REALLY!!!!!! Were the bags on display or did you request for them? I'm booking my flight back to HK right now!!!
  4. hi evekitti! I must agree with mr posh spice...just visit the H shops when you are there...I got my kelly from peninsula HK and a lindy at the airport...yup, they were on display.

    as for the birkin, maybe next time...though I'm not so keen on the birkin (pls don't shoot me for this :p)

    good luck!
  5. Wow, I live in HK and I've never seen a Birkin on display. A Kelly, yes, but it wasn't in my size. Maybe I'm just not visiting the shops often enough or maybe I'm just unlucky.
  6. The DH tramped around all the Hermes shops in HK on my behalf sometime in Dec and never saw a Birkin or Kelly!
  7. I guess Mr PS and rox rocks must have been really lucky!
  8. Hi evekitti, it is very RARE to see a birkin or HAC on display. I go to H at least 2-3 times per week in the past 2.5 years but never see a birkin on display. I visited H in DFS, Admiralty, Central and Peninsula the most. Even some newer SAs have never seen a birkin in H.

    For Kelly and Lindy, you will be able to get in H shop. I see gold Kelly quite often (about 1-2 times per mth). Have seen a tri-colour 32cm retourne and orange Kelly too. There is always gold Kelly in stock in Peninsula shop.

    You will be able to see Birkin in reseller shop (some resellers sell brand new).

    Good luck with your H hunting! All H shops in HK has an amazing collection of stock (saw a miel croco constance, purple suede Kelly pouchette, lots of troika Bolide, a few croc wallets, ostrich bombay recently), you will be able to find something you like!
  9. Out of curiousity, and to clarify...are they basically sold off to VIPs before they get to the shop floor, or do they only special order in Birkins, or do they simply keep them off display and it's on request only?

    I only ask because I'm fascinated by the differing culture of boutiques around the world, where my local boutique is totally relaxed and down to earth (to me anyway!) and I've seen Birkins on display here.

  10. I guess they are sold off to the VIPs first. I ordered a Birkin and a Kelly 1.5 years ago but they never call me. I guess if the VIPs don't want it, they may call walk-in clients, like me.
  11. Would you happen to know if they still take orders?

  12. Actually, I've never walked in and just asked for a Birkin, Kelly or HAC. I just assumed that in HK, it's impossible. I've seen plenty at Milan Station though. Are those the reseller shops you're talking about?
  13. I don't know, but you may ask. I just walk-in H shops to check it myself every week. I don't think they will call a walk-in client even though they have ordered one.

    I ordered a blue jean Evelyne in April 07 but they never called me. The SA (in Central) told me it's not difficult to come across. I waited for a few days and later bought a Brighton blue Evelyne in Peninsula shop. Till now, I have not received a call from H on the readiness of the blue jean Evelyne. So I guess they would rather put the bag on display rather than calling their walk-in clients. This is just my experience, maybe others have different views.
  14. Hi evekitti,

    Yes, Milan station is one of the reseller shops. Their mark-up is quite high now. I asked for the price of a lizard Kelly pouchette (I think retail is about USD5000), but they sell for I remember it's either HKD80000 or 90000 (USD 11000). However, they do sell used Birkin, but their price is still higher than brand new.

    I also want to get a Birkin, but still can't get one as I can't afford to pay premium. Still waiting for luck, or maybe try Paris again (went there in May this year but unfortunately it was closed during my visit!)
  15. I do have to say though that whenever I do see Birkins in Hong Kong they always tend to be in the bottom shelves...I assume so that they don't draw too much attention. It's almost like you have to take a really good long look to find them.