Hermes Holdup

  1. Bought a Hermes Holdup. Unique and not very often seen. My favorite after Birkin and Kelly.

    Also had a Hermes bag that was shaped like a horse muzzle with holes in parts of the bag and rope as handle, don't know what the name was. For casual wear. Liked by many people who often stop to ask what bag it is.

    Not very much discussion in this forum of these two bags. Do not know if Hermes will be making anymore of these.
  2. The second bag is called the Mangeoire. Can you post pics of the Holdup? I'm intrigued.
  3. Welcome KC...I hope you continue to post with us!
  4. Welcome KC; would love to see pix of the Holdup!
  5. Would love to see a pic! Welcome KC!
  6. Hello and WELCOME, KC! Please, please post pics of your lovely bags if you can.......we'd LOVE to see them and drool........
  7. Welcome KC!! Cant wait to see pictures of your bags!!
  8. where'd she go! :ninja:
  9. i thought this was going to be about waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . . for a kelly or a birkin.

    so i think it's a hoot that hermes has a bag called the holdup! can't wait to see it.
  10. lol,.. when I first saw the title I thought we were doing another Hermes Raid!!!!
  11. for a second there i thought this was going to be a story about someone with a birkin getting mugged.
  12. OMG, when I saw "hold up" I thought someone has finally done it! Gone in at gunpoint and stolen the bags! Ha Ha! Did they know that "nothing" is in the back:smile:
  13. What's the Hold Up?

  14. Customs went in looking for fakes:nuts:
  15. maybe she's on the lam? (get it?) :nuts: