Hermes History

  1. I've been doing some research lately since I wanted to know the year some of the bags were invented. So far I have:

    Hermes started 1837

    Kelly--1930 but made famous in 1956 by Grace Kelly when she used her H bag to hide her baby bump. Originally named Petit Sac Haut a Courroies

    Birkin--Named after Jane Birkin who wanted a roomier bag for everyday use (I believe it was actually a diaper bag). 1984 or 1986. I'm confused....I think the designer spoke to her in 1984 on an airplane and then it was launched in 1986.

    HAC--1930 or 1982. I'm confused by the source....Used for carrying boots or saddles.

    JPG Birkin--?? I want to know!

    JPG Kelly--?? I want to know!

    The following was taken from HermesGroupie's post:

    Evelyn: Based on the bag worn by stable boys to carry the grooming equipment for horses. The holes were to allow the equipment to dry. Hermes designed the bag with the holes in an "H" pattern. It was actually meant to be worn with the H against the body.

    Picotin: Designed after the feedbag for horses. The handles were meant to be looped around the horse's ears.

    Garden Party: Based on a gardener's bag, which was used to carry gardening implements.

    Mangeoire: Another bag based on a feedbag.

    Bolide: First known as the Bugatti. Designed because the owner of Hermes' wife complained she could not find an appropriate bag to carry in the new fangled invention called the car.

    Plume: Translates into feather. Based on the bag used to carry blankets.

    Constance: Named after the designer's daughter

    Yeoh: Named after Michelle Yeoh

    Sandrine: I thought this was cool. Named after Jean-Louis's daughter.
  2. Thank you for these!
  3. Taken from HiHeels who got it from Daily Mini:

    The Hermes horse-and-carriage logo was inspired by the art of Alfred de Dreux.

    Hermes begins making ties in the 1940s when the Cannes store director suggests selling neckwear to men who arrive at the Casino underdressed. The orange box, bolduc (the famous ribbon!), and horse-and-carriage logo make their debut.

    Producing a kelly bag takes 18 hours. 18-25 for a birkin.

    Grace Kelly once used an Hermes scarf as a sling for her broken arm.

    Queen Elizabeth wears an Hermes scarf in a portrait for a British postage stamp.

    The company introduced Caleche in 1961. Caleche means "horse-drawn carriage," like the one in the company's logo.

    There are 188 different sizes of Orange boxes.
  4. The HAC is from 1892 and the oldest Hermes bag.
  5. I was wondering if they made a typo. Because there was no way it could be 1982 when it was made smaller in 1930.

    Thanks Hello!!
  6. JPG Birkin and Kelly are very recent. I'm racking my brain for the first times I saw them. The Kelly was around 2005 and the JPG Birkin was in 2004. I have to go over the first time JPG did a collection for Hermes, that's the year he came up with that design.
  7. ^^^HG, I agree, JPG birkin was launched for the first collection Gaultier did for H, and that was for fall 2004. But at the same time they launched the JPG kelly as well, so that was 2004 as well.
    I have attached some pictures of the first show JPG did for H, fall 2004:
    00050f.jpeg fall 2004.jpeg 00020f.jpeg 00110f.jpeg 00410f.jpeg
  8. It's the Kelly Longue that was launched later, the first time we saw one was in the spring 2006 fashion show. Probably the first ones of these still have a late 2005 stamp though.
    I attached some pics of the spring 2006 fashion show, sorry, you don't see the clutches very well, but you can tell it's a kelly longue.
    00080m.jpeg 00010m.jpeg 00110m.jpeg 00120m.jpeg 00180m.jpeg
  9. Ah, thank you.
  10. bolide is from 1922 and it's the first handbag to have a zipper.
  11. I question that the Evelyne was supposed to be worn with the H against the body. If it was designed to allow equipment to dry, why wouldn't the holes face outward where the equipment would dry a lot better than it would against someone's body?

    In addition, on the Evelyne, the Hermès stamp is on the side with the H pattern/holes and I've never known them to put their stamp on the back of a bag. So it seems to me that by putting the H stamp on the side with the H/holes that that side was meant to be the front.

    The non-H side of the bag is not necessarily "pretty". It has no great design elements to it and to me looks like the back of a bag, not the front.

    When I was looking for my Evelyne, the two H boutiques that sent me pictures, referred to the H side as the front.

    I'd like to know more about how the idea got started that the H side was the back of the bag. ????
  12. the only evidence i can think of to support this is the way the bag opens, the direction of that snap tab.

    i don't know if my bag has a back or front, but i think it looks interesting to carry it with the zipper side inwards so that looking at it on me, there is no visible point of entry. i never pay any attention to which side is showing though, never think of it as having a front or back side, and the non-zipper side is utterly plain, but beautiful:love: :love: :love:
  13. i don't know the proper spelling for my bag:shame:, but if it's cacahuete, that means "peanut" in english.
    i really really like that.:heart:
  14. Info came from the SA's at my store. Crochetbella was told the same thing at her store.