Hermes hires 300 more workers to reduce waitlists


Do you like the fact that Hermes just hired 300 more workers?

  1. Yes! Shorter waitlists are great!

  2. Don't care either way

  3. No! Keep Hermes exclusive!

  4. Will have to see.......

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  1. Hermes International has hired another 300 workers to reduce waiting lists for best sellers like it's $7,000 Kelly bag, named after the late actress grace Kelly. Hermes craftsman still stitch most of the bags by hand, signing them when they finish.
    -The Wall Street Journal

    The article is mostly about Louis Vuitton's plan to increase efficiency but they also mention Hermes and Gucci, among others. The section on Hermes is on page 2, paragraph 8. The article was on the front page on Oct. 9th (sorry the article is too big to upload )

    Do you consider this move a good thing or a bad thing?
  2. I think its great! The price alone has kept these bags pretty exclusive!
  3. Very interesting! I love Kellys.
  4. I think it is good as long as the bags retain their hand-made quality. I heard about this on CNN in Paris in spring, and was under the impression, that the increased production has been going on since late last year.
  5. Thanks Valley!!! I Think It's Good!

    I Agree Jag ~ With The Price ~ Hermes Will Continue To Be Exclusive!
  6. that is great that means more bolides! andd birkins! and lindys! and kellys! yippeeeeee.....

    now for that croc supply...
  7. I'm with Avan on this one. As long as quality and the original high standards of craftsmanship aren't sacrificed I think it could be a good thing. It makes good economic sense for the company to do so, but for old-timers who have come to expect a certain standard of craftsmanship--it'll be hard to swallow if new bags come up short in terms of quality.
  8. Yay - but what's this about the bags being 'signed?' I assume they are referring to the blindstamps?
  9. i think it just reflects the rise in popularity. 10 years ago you didn't have public people like beckham buying (and wearing and thereby promoting) dozens of their bags - not that i'm aware of. i doubt the market will suddenly be flooded with these bags. there was no evidence in that article (i read it) that mentioned that they would be changing their technique in making the bags. it did talk about LV switching to assembly-line style and that would compromise quality. if hermes switched to assembly-line for production, i would have serious reservations (more so then if they hired 1,000 new workers - though that is just not realistic as how can they train/find that many qualified workers at once) as they would be making a move to reduce their costs while keeping their prices just as high. then i would stop and wonder. then i would feel taken advantage of. yes, there is a big mark-up right now, but there you are paying for the company prestige, the quality of the product, and, finally, the unique nature of their production.
  10. I have found that the quality for hermes has suffered in the last few years. Attention to detail and quality, while still very much apparent, are just not the same. I believe the rather tired old, "They don't make 'em like they used to", adage rings true.

    The 'Omnibus' bag is also different today in terms of quality. I have notice that the craftsmen have 'cut corners' in the production of the bag. My BH's Omnibus was a gift from his father. The bag is almost 30 years old.

    My 2nd Birkin, I can tell even now, will not age as gracefully as my first. In fact, I think that by the time my new one reaches the current age of the 1st( years), it will not look nearly as good. There are already signs - the glue and sealant where the gussets fold are already starting to show signs of wear and tear. The goatskin lining of my new Birkin is thinner that that of my old one. I hav mentioned the problem of the gusset to the staff at Hermes and they have of course, asked me to send the bag back to them. But at the end of the day, I wonder to myself, "It isn't a question of whether I can send the bag back. It's a question of why I should even have to.".

    In time to come, I believe that the quality shall fall to a level where I will stop using their products, cherish the few pieces I have invested in - an Hermes bag, after all, has 'time' in it. For now, that is. My mother has turned from a Chanel and Hermes fan into a 'No Brand' lady. She calls it reverse snobbery. But she also mentioned, the bags in her time, were truly beautiful and worth every cent. The same virtues in anything Hermes, we expound today. We are merely watching the commercialistion of a product for the mass market; and it's cost? Why, quality of course.

    But ladies(and the rest of the guys in here!), I still love the brand.

    Branding: The Promise of an Emotional Reward each and every instance the consumer comes in contact with the brand. It is the establishment of aspirational goals and allowing consumers to reach said goals through association with your product.
  11. Well with the new price hacks comming in 2007, it's about time they put some of that money to use!
  12. anyone else concur with eric fam? surely there are enough TPFers with enough bags to compare and draw conclusions as to substandard quality. i couldn't care less about the brand if their product does not live up to my expectation.
  13. I don't know what to think? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Alot of people might agree with EF as some will not. I don't agree with all.

    I do believe that things were better made before the fashion houses commercialised.
  14. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  15. well now i don't.:sad: