Hermes herbag

  1. Who can advise about a Hermes herback? what is the value? How much is retail?
  2. I speak to SA in Brussels and she told me that Hermes after 10 years of production have decided to discountine Herbag model. Would it worth to keep it and then resel later?
  3. Hi, do you like your herbag? I think it is a beautie, why wouldn't you want to use it for a while? or did you buy it for other reasons?
  4. I have a herbag and I never use it because it is so hard to get in and out of. I am thinking about selling it but want to hold on to it for a while to see what happens with the price when it is no longer available. I have a few pen marks inside one of the bags and called the Beverly Hills store to see if there is anything they can do to get the pen marks out, she is out of town until next week.
  5. you could see if you can get it out with a toothbrush and some soapiewater.
  6. My DH bought it for me, I am waiting for JPG shoulder bag, but nowadays I am thinking about this bag as investment, it is brand new and I am keeping it this way.
  7. I think it is a great summer bag.... to use whenever I don't dare my birkin or kelly's a bit hard to get easy using the closure system.
  8. if you would like retail, I think you should look on eBay, and see for what they go.
  9. Unfortunately I could not find on eBay the same type of bag, there are canvas or basic models, mine is more expensive. :smile:
  10. i have in the same color matching agenda
  11. what about you?
  12. I phone today to a Hermes store and they told me about at least 3-4 types of H herbag, on eBay is the basic one, mine is more expensive. it is retail for 3000 euro, i am thinking to sell it for 2000 at least.
  13. Yes you can always try :smile:
  14. Just bought a canvas PM sized yesterday. Retail was US$1850. They also had one like yours for US$2850.

    On ebay the all canvas range from about US$500 to US$1000. You don't see too many of the vibrato leather, but the asking price is in the US$1200 -1500 range, from what I recall.