Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. Is it not the rose extreme/kaki combo?
  2. IMG_4802.jpg

    This is rose extreme kaki.
  3. I am looking to see the true color of kaki, that’s all. It only ever looks black to me. Even the ones currently on eBay.
  4. So I looked up the meaning of kaki or what it can mean - it can apparently mean black, so perhaps they have used it in the colour reference to mean black and not khaki as we would generally assume? Lol
  5. Khaki is the green. Kaki might be their word for something else.
  6. I have this bag and kaki is a very dark brown irl. Personally, it doesn’t look black.
  7. Thank you for this. I was wanting an idea of what this color looks like IRL. I appreciate you taking the time to respond, especially since you own the bag.
  8. No ma’am.
  9. Yes, I had something white on the bag (no idea what it was) and I just wiped it right off with a damp cloth.
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  10. It’s dark but not quite black. I’ll try and take a picture next to my other Herbag which is black.
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  11. Thank you thank you. I knew it wasn’t black but I figure it’s very hard to capture the true color of kaki because it looks black in so many pics I’ve seen. Thank you! Looking forward to the pics
  12. Btw, just saw you’re from htown. from a fellow Houstonian also!
  13. Cheers guys!
    I am currently thinking about hunting for a bigger HERBAG - like a 50cm-size - to use it as a travel bag instead of my LV KEEPALL55. Anybody here using this size of the HERBAG and/or having any experiences?
  14. I think the 50cm size is too large, even though it is a travel size. It's the herbag in that size, that would be awkward and heavy.. I think the bag would get beat up and soiled very quickly. I use a herbag for travel, but a carry-on size, and duffle or suit case that setting on the floor if needed wouldn't matter (to me).
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  15. That's the only thing that worries my a little - how to keep it clean. I don't want to use it only in summer, though it is obviously not the right bag for rainy days.
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