Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. Have you found that the uncoated canvas stains easily? I take the subway to commute sooo, 'nuff said haha
  2. Not easily. And I got a scuff mark, but it came out fine with stain remover (e.g. Shout, Tide pens) and water.
  3. Wow didn't know you could use that on the canvas! So awesome. Last question (for now) - do you know what the uncoated canvas bag goes for now? I believe the coated canvas is ~$2500
  4. No, I debated too long (2 hours after I saw it) on the colour and missed out... went to my local store and they only had the orange base one... now have to wait again :sad:
  5. Hope your wait isn’t too long!

    I wanted the orange one and it took me 2 years to find it when one slipped through my fingers!

    When I saw it online I immediately jumped on it because I knew if I really regretted it I could return it online.

    I actually wanted a different orange but I’m happy I got this one!
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  6. No idea, sorry! Maybe check the pricing thread?
  7. I always believe things happen for a reason.... THE one will show up soon!
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  8. Dear coated canvas herbag owners, is the material waterproof/easy to clean with a damp cloth?
  9. Ye si found it hard, but after changing the straps to the end of the bar it became easier while walking / carrying it.
  10. Yes. I have only spilled a little coffee on mine while juggling myself into the office. A quick wipe down, thoroughly. All was good
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  11. I know this is an old post but is the true color of the leather hard to capture? In all pictures I’ve seen it looks black.
  12. If I’m not mistaken, that particular Herbag is black leather.
  13. I’m thinking it’s this color combo...
    Pic borrowed from earlier pages of this thread
  14. IMG_2089.jpg
  15. It’s black leather.