Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

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  1. Yes this bag is avail in Canada. They had two in Montreal when I was there. I got the blue and green one but they also had a blue and magnolia on display. In Toronto my friend was offered a red one. Seems like inventory in Toronto is allocated so ur SA may or may not have the combo you’re looking for. I have seen it only once on the website too
  2. Thanks for the info! Do you know what the price is?
    I am in Vancouver and live close to the store there so I guess I just need to pop in to check more often!
  3. Cant recall exact price but think it was $29xx before tax
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  4. I’ve just purchased a vintage Hermès Herbag and it smells like a skunk! Is this normal? Also the suspicious 102 keys doesn’t seem to be in line. What do you think?
    0D30DD96-3062-464E-A5DD-05B6994CD6F9.jpeg 0980923C-27F9-416C-945B-7B5040DC35AC.jpeg
  5. IDK what to say about the key, I'm in no position to authenticate anything. The smell would concern me. I had my vintage herbag authenticated after I had it in hand. I was concerned about what turned out to be simple differences between different years of herbag styles. My vintage bag was in like new condition, that was a gift. But I still paid for an authentic review.
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  6. I wouldn’t even bother authenticating it, if it smells that bad I would return it, there are so many vintage herbags on the preloved market to have to settle for a stinky bag.
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  7. I have to have the second "sac" style. I'm obsessed with the leather/fabric combination. But I haven't seen it anywhere yet.
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  8. Wow! This is gorgeous! The chain doesn't dent the leather? That Herbag leather is so soft. I've worn mine just a handful of times, and it's extremely dented.
  9. Found this on Canadian site... should I jump on it ( the one I want is either the blue bottom or a pink one)
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  10. Hi! It’s been a while but my Samorga arrived whilst I was away on holiday!

    Here’s some pics inside my Herbag!

    I am so glad I got it. Not only will it protect the inside of my bag from dirt but it also gives the canvas more structure so I will stand up better on its own.

    Sorry for the bad quality photos on my bed but you can see that it stands up without me holding it up on my bed from the added structure from the Samorga. IMG_0184.jpg IMG_0185.jpg
  11. Thanks dear! After airing it for a day I could not stand it and sent it back. It was too stinky.
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  12. Exactly! I returned it the next day. Or more like consigned it back. The shop didn’t except returns. Omg it was like having an elephant/ skunk in the house.
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  13. Good decision
    You'll find another
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  14. Which orange is this? I love it!
  15. Hi! It’s the new season orange called “Abricot” which I am assuming means Apricot :smile:

    In different lights it looks brighter and sometimes it looks a little more subtle. It’s really lovely. I still need a twilly though!