Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

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  1. Is this bag super carefree? Hard to get in and out? I’m trying to decide if I want this bag if it’s carefree or the Celine nano. About same price range. Trying to be good and hold off on a quota bag till next year
  2. Not yet. Waiting for the insert to arrive first.
  3. I think the Celine is easier to get in and out of.

    I’ve yet to use my Herbag as I want the insert first, but I’m first impressions, it’s not as simple to get in and out of etc
  4. It definitely takes a bit of effort to get in and out of and you can’t really be gentle wi5 it sometimes. the leather will scratch also as you open and close it. However, I do love mine and don’t really baby it as it’s meant to be enjoyed and loved.
    I usually just leave one strap hanging off so it’s not as cumbersome to get in and out of.
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  5. Not really carefree if you want it always strapped up. I start with it completely closed but once I’m out and need to access things, I’ll close it with one strap passed through and leave the flap hanging over, but not engaged. I’ll close it up fully when I’m done going in and out of it.
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  6. Hi Excited to share my first Herbag! Been loving it so far and am thinking of how to style it. Any suggestions on which twilly? Thank you~

    4E94C998-333B-465E-95F0-428B0E0D6777.jpeg B51C1E9E-4793-491C-B726-474506627761.jpeg F6B7AC68-7CAB-497C-9DE1-D4C139051A75.jpeg
  7. Congrats!! Black is such a versatile colour, I think most twilly look good! It probably depends on what other colours you wear and what will complement your wardrobe / outfits.

    I’m still struggling to find a twilly that will match my Herbag in an orange colour (Abricot) and will also compliment my very monochrome wardrobe!
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  8. Same sentiments! Love the little pink tips

    Will pink go well with orange too? Yes you are right, Black is pretty versatile. Thank you for your advice :smile:
  9. Any Herbag GM or MM owners? Looking to get one, but would need to fit a 13" laptop and a couple of books/notebooks. The measurements are tall and wide enough, but I'm concerned about the depth. With the closure, it gets even more narrow at top. Thanks in advance for your help :smile:
  10. I have been looking at the various bags on their Canadian website, but today was the first time I have come across the Herbag.. just wondering if this bag is sold in Canada (or I will have to go to the US/Asia/Europe to get it?) Thanks in advance :smile:
  11. I just bought an MM from consignor, and picking up tomorrow. I have the same questions as you! Will take pictures and post once I get it. I'm sooo excited!
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  12. Ahhhh I'm so excited for you!! Which consignor did you use (if you don't kind sharing)? I've been stalking the normal online retailers for secondhand bags, and also perusing ebay for options from Japan! I can't wait to see; thanks for agreeing to share!!
  13. I have a GM and use it for work. I carry alot. Depth will be less at the top, as you noted. Depending on how thick your books are will determine how many will fit. If you carry anything heavy, remember that the bottom of the bag isn't supported, so if something is thin and heavy the bottom of the bag will give to that shape.
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