Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

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  1. Hi everyone! I finally joined the Herbag club after purchasing two of these amazing Hermes handbags on eBay. The first one I bought is the mm size which came with a shoulder strap, and the second is the pm ado backpack. When the smaller size arrived I was a bit disappointed to discover that the shoulder strap I had isn’t compatible and doesn’t fit in the slots alongside the carrying handle. The leather at the upper part of the bag is very stiff and I don’t want to ruin it by trying force the two of the straps in together. Has anyone else have encountered this problem? Is the ado model isn’t designed to fit a shoulder strap because it’s supposed to be a backpack?
    Thank you all in advance!!
  2. When your Samorga gets here, could you please post a pic of what it looks like when inside your bag? I'm now thinking of getting one, too. :smile:
  3. Yes of course! I believe it won’t be for a few weeks unfortunately - they say turn around to dispatch is about 2 weeks and then shipping is another week to UK.

    I could only find a video on their IG in a Herbag 39. I’m assuming it’ll be similar / the same.

    I know someone further back in this thread said they use a Samorga in theirs and it gives a bit more structure to it but they have coated canvas anyway.

    I managed to find a 20% off code from a YouTuber who reviews lots of different Samorga inserts!

  4. Yes that’s me! I’m using a Samorga insert in my Herbag Zip 31 and it fits really nicely inside. However your memory is good and my bag is coated canvas. I find it a lot easier to locate my stuff with the insert and it does help to keep the sides from bunching up.
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  5. Which thickness did you get for the insert-1 or 2"?
  6. I have a number of her bags, two of which are the two sizes you have. I am not able to to get them out to measure... but measure the opening of both bags where you want to add the shoulder strap, are the openings the same? If the Ado backpack opening is smaller, then you'll have an idea if you could/should squeeze/force the shoulder strap. HTH.
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  7. I picked 1 in cobalt blue.
  8. Thank you for the great advice! Unfortunately there is a difference between the openings, however I am able to attach both the strap and the handle if I use only one of the leather straps of the top handle.
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  9. Thanks. I am leaning towards the 1 as well just so it might be lighter weight. Just still in decisive about the color. I too have the black coated Herbag.
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  10. Thank you. Now I know how that added strap would work.
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  11. Congratulations...she’s beautiful and obviously meant to be since you also found your dream job!
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  12. I got the bag before the job offer!

    I’m not usually superstitious but I kinda hoped that it was a good omen and, boom! a few days later my offer came and it was good!

    Just had my first day / induction at the new job - I work in Talent Acquisition (in house recruitment) and I’ve just started at Gucci Head Office in London, I’ll be handling the recruitment of the London Gucci stores staff!
  13. I have had a similar issue so I put the shoulder strap on the sides instead of in the middle by the handles and it worked fine. It’s just more complicated to put together (and remember how it goes).
  14. Thanks for posting this. I always wondered if I’d be able to utilize a shoulder strap on my herbag backpack. Good thinking on your part!
  15. Have you used it yet???
    The hunter leather is really stiff though but I’m hoping it will slowly get softer as I use it.