Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. Hi, just wondering what color is the second one? the purple shade.. so pretty
  2. l-shop: Its Ruby :smile:
  3. simone 72: I find it a bit odd when tis worn as cross body for some reason. Ill take a few pix soon and show you if you would like :smile:
  4. hello
    i dont know if i will sound stupid or not but im new to hermes in general and planning for the first hermaes bag that will be herbag......
    the question is there sizes?or one size?and if there is sizes how many size???thanks
  5. Sure I would love to see is it because it's big? I'm 5 ft tall
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    Hi, Can you help me authenticate a herbag? I've been dying to get one for years. I'm having a hard time finding any info on it, and the files the eBay seller sent me are too big to upload. He only posted one photo ViewItem&item=110646926123&ssPageName=ADME:B:BCA:US:1120#ht_500wt_1156 Email me if you think you can help, xxx

    Lauren, NYC

    Please don't post personal details.
  7. hi eveyone! this is my first time here at PURSEFORUM, I read your posts and i thought that maybe you guys could help me with my problem. Attached are the photos of my HERbag, on the latter part you will see that the tube which serves as the lock is broken on the other end:sad: could you guys help me on what to do? where to bring it and have it fix or do HERMES has warranty for this? here's the link:
  8. Oops sorry for incredibly delayed response. It's the medium Herbag Zip in bougainvillea. Unlike the older version it doesn't come with interchangeable sac. Only attached pouch and zipper pocket at the back. A friend bought a black version last Xmas @airport Paris. Can't seem to attach photo though...
  9. Hi Su Dan. Herbag Zip in bougainvillea is just beautiful!! Would you mind posting dimensions of your medium Herbag Zip? I'm being offered one in orange and blue azur in the MM size. I'm 5'2. Would the MM be too big?
  10. It's approximately L12" x B3.5" x H10". I've seen the Orange & Blue IRL and both are equally gorgeous. However since the Blue is lighter, it may take more effort to maintain? The Herbag may not be the niftiest purse to get in & out of so anything smaller than Medium may be a bit tricky IMO:p
  11. Thanks for the info Su Dan!!:smile:
  12. Hi Su Dan, u said earlier that your friend bought Hermes Herbag at airport Paris right? how much did your friend buy it? is is cheaper to buy the bag at the airport or their boutiques around Paris??

    THANKS! :smile::smile:
  13. Hi there! We both bought them for de same price of Euro1040 tax already excluded
  14. Great to see so many lovely them!!