Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. I have a rather dumb question about HER bag.
    It was my first time getting a HER bag and I only saw a tag in the pocket saying where its made but it doesnt have any stamping or anything like other leather bags... just out of curiosity( not that I want to resell later) how are HER bags authenticated??
    I mean bags like Chanel and such have their Authentic card and numbers...
  2. The Herbag should have a stamp in the leather with the letters. In mine it is below the cilinder piece that closes it.

    How do you find getting in and out of the bag? I cannot get my head round all that pulling, don't know whether I am doing anything wrong....
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  3. i gotta check out H when I'm there again. which store had it?
  4. It was Peninsula
  5. Was it easy to put them back together?
    I am thinking of pulling my long strap out to try new look...but wasnt sure if should..
  6. Oooh! This is very interesting! I like it but I'd be worried about the coating too. It's very cool though!
  7. The stamp is on the underside of the leather flap on the back of the bag.

    It takes a bit of time to get used to it sort of like the Kelly. If I'm in a hurry I just put one strap in and leave the other one out.
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  8. My S.A. told me this was waxed canvas!
  9. Wow! I wished that fabric came out when I bought mines. I have the chocolate top in navy canvas. That fabric might be better than canvas and won't penetrate dirt since it's waxed. Liquid would probably just bead off. Black on black with that fabric is gorgeous! It has a shine to it. I hope this is the one for you!
  10. Yes, the waxed fabric is a very special addition and I want it for my herbag too. You are supposed to be able to order replacement 'sacs' in different colours etc.
    I wouldn't worry about the wax wearing off - waxed canvas is usually pretty tough and it should be possible to 'feed' the wax with a supporting coat just like with Barbour jackets and other waxed canvas high-end goods. Maybe take advice on maintenance from the store? It will wear down a bit but it will acquire a patina which some amongst us might find very attractive! In my experience the corners on the plain canvas sacs are susceptible to wear so any extra barrier is a great idea to give your bag longevity.
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  11. Has this bag been discontinued? If not, is it widely available?
  12. It just popped up at european site like 8 hours before....
    Amazing new colours like Rouge Grenat, Zanzibar, trench(?), and moutarde(?), rose azalea

    I d say it's relatively easier to find than other bags... just need a lot of stalking and they are put on shelf at store quite frequently... just need the right timing... good luck!
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  13. omg i'd pick them up in no time if they were on my country's site :biggrin:
  14. I just bought one in Paris last week, so definitely not hard to get your hands on it.
  15. would love to see a pic :smile:

    unfortunately i can't see them anymore. the colors would have been interesting