Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. I got both of them from Japan, Rose Sakura in 2015 and Rose Azalee just 2 months ago. I'm not sure if RS is still in production but I have seen RA a few times recently. I heard that pink isn't as popular as in Asia so I guess it won't be too difficult to find a RA. HTH and good luck!
  2. Thank you!! I sent you a more detailed message. Please check your inbox :smile: I really appreciate it!
  3. it's for the lock.
  4. i bought mine in 2016 too and my strap had cracks like yours when i checked last weekend :sad: I used it less than 5 times in the winter. I contacted H and they said the vache Hunter leather parts are very sensitive to frictions and rubbings and can therefore become scratched with handling and use. The leather will keep patinating with time and the scratches will decrease. I was going to get another one for daily use but not anymore:-s
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  5. Thank you! With my straps, it's not really cracks or scratches but wrinkles. Do you mind sharing a photo?
  6. sorry it's not that clear... 20170410_115059.jpg
  7. Just got my vintage Herbag. So gorgeous!
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  8. Ups, sorry, here it is. The other body is black.

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  9. Ohh i see. Mine is not like this, just hella wrinkles, like the leather bubbled up. I guess I have to still bring to the boutique. Thanks for sharing your pic!
  10. Good luck!
  11. Sorry for the late reply, finally taken the time to make a picture (which is a good thing, since it is also the first time I am actually using the lock lol). Hope you dont mind me overdoing the watermarkers and hope the picture helps
  12. I have to say, this bag is beautiful. Love the design, love the softness of the canvas and how sharp it looks. But the opening system... I don't mind that it takes time, it has the exterior pocket of you want (the bodies in the vintage version are reversible and the pocket can be in our out) and I like the process of getting into a bag. But this! Main problem I have is that it is difficult to open/close the bag without damaging it, specially in use. The hole gets all strechted and it is easy to pull and scratch... Sad but I think I am letting it go.
  13. I have posted this on "ur latest H purchases" but wanted to ask some thoughts on this bag!

    So I was very specific about wanting black on black for quite some time.
    I had to pass a few black on black as they had scratches for the past few I saw, and I got a call from SA yesterday that there was new black on black with new fabric. (thought this one isnt completely back as I wished...)
    Its canvas coasted with something I am not sure. So photo below is on its way to me, I should have it by tonight when I get off from work.

    Anyone used this fabric/ or seen? Love or hate???
    ANY comments are welcome!!
    1493010614900.png 626471656654006439.jpg
  14. congrats on the bag!! looks very chic :smile:
    the only concern I would have about the coated canvas is whether the coating would wear out over time? or easily scratched?
    may i ask where did you get this?
  15. I got this in HongKong!
    I am bit worried about it wearing out...but not sure about the scratch! It my first time getting such bag, its very new to me.
    Perhaps anyone's tip with their experience would be helpful!
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