Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. Mine has minor cracks on the flap and the strap - I usually close the flap hard because the leather is stiff. I bought mine in 2016.
  2. Oh no, that's what I am scared of! My local H is closed for a week because they are moving for the remodel. I tried to condition it using Apple Conditioner and there was no color lift. I plan to repeat the process tomorrow just to make sure it gets some needed moisture.

    If anyone here thinks that's a bad idea, please let me know. I really wanna try to avoid paying $350 for spa.
  3. IMG_1490508249.559660.jpg

    Strap shown here is the worst crack. The flap actually looks okay unless you look at it closely.

    I don't use it much after discovering the cracks which is a shame. I use it when i go traveling as it is a very secure bag.

    I wouldn't mind trying the conditioner but you might have to condition it often if you plan to use this bag all the time. I definitely don't want to spend that much for spa!
  4. Oh no! Sorry that happened to your straps. I haven't seen any cracks on mine so thats good. This bag is my first H anything and was a gift from my DH on our 10 yr wedding anniv when we renewed our vows. Because of the sentimental value, I wanna try my best to save it before spending $ for spa. I am posting on care for H leathers too to see what docride thinks. Thank you!
  5. I just received my Herbag Zip and am in absolute awe at the genius of the design behind this bag. I don't think I've felt so strongly for a bag before.
    Love it!
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  6. nice charm :smile: u got there
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  7. Has anyone figured what the small punched hole is for on the front strap of herbag? I read an earlier post that it is for the lock, but I can't seem to figure how it looks.
  8. I asked ad my local H and they didn't know. I also assumed it was for the lock.
  9. If you close the flap and pull the straps through the sellier metal, the strap with the hole should lay above the other strap. Then you can put the lock through the punched hole, so one can't pull out the strap thus the flap stays closed. Hope this makes some sense :smile:
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  10. Yes, thanks.
  11. Can you post a pic? I don't get it (I feel bad I don't get it lol) and I really want to try this on my bag. Thanks!!
  12. Hi ladies! Does anyone know where I can get an orange spare bag? Does Hermes still sell them? I have the pm herbag old version and wanted the orange bottom. Does anyone have one for sale even in rough shape? Or can I dye my neutral spare bag to match? I'll attach photo for reference thank you! IMG_1491421219.123408.jpg
  13. Thank you, I've often wondered that exact thing, obviously never thought to ask, silly me.... I'm going to try this later tonight, your description sounds simple, see if I can translate it into a result. Thank you for the steps and thank you to Ana B for asking.
  14. So, I had never considered this bag. To be honest, I knew nothing about it. But yesterday I went to a shop here, a reputable pre-loved bags seller looking for the LV PM (fed up with the waiting list...) and there there was one in the old style, with the two interchangeable bodies and the leather part in black.

    It is in beautiful condition, the beige body has never been used, and the black one only very slightly. It is the 30 cm (?) size and I am petite so I can carry it crossbody, It occurred to me it is the perfect bag for travelling light...

    Anyway, the lock is missing, which may explain what a good deal it is. And my question is, is it easy to get a replacement lock in Hermes? Or any idea where and how expensive that is?
    I find I am seriously considering this...
  15. Those are beautiful colors (and my favorite color, pink)!!! I was just wondering when and where did you purchase them? I'm going to Europe this summer and would like to add this bag to my collection :smile:
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