Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. Omg thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been stalking the forums for a while, but this is my first post, as I just purchased my first H bag! It's the older model Herbag Ado. I have a few questions , which may be stupid as I'm still such a newbie:
    (1) I have read that people clean the canvas by letting it soak in soapy water. Do I just dunk the who thing in (detached from the leather of course)? Is there anything I have to do to protect the metal parts?
    (2) Is there a particular detergent that is recommended?
    (3) If I clean the bag on my own, or spot clean using a magic eraser, would I still be able to take it to Hermes' spa later down the line, or would they reject it because I've tampered with it?
    I've attached pics of the staining. herbag.jpg
    Thank you all very much in advance
  3. That's a very pretty Herbag, congrats. UNfortunately I cannot tell you anything about getting the canvas cleaned by yourself, I'd bring it to Hermès if I was you. At least over her they clean the canvas.

    Here they won't reject the bag if you did something to it, at least they didn't say anything about my bag the preowner smeared colored shoepolish on.
  4. Hi millivanilli, thanks for the advice. The leather portion on the bag is still in quite good shape, and the backpack straps have never been used (previous owner used it as a handbag), so I thought maybe I could just try cleaning the canvas myself. But I think you're right and I should just bite the bullet and take it to Hermes. It will just be so hard to be apart from the bag for so long. I'm so excited to have it since it's my first!
  5. Hi there. I have used Magic Eraser on toile and have had luck, especially on those types of areas with yellowing. The Magic Eraser literally shreds to bits as you use it but it can remove some staining. I've never seen any adverse reactions on my herbag bag and I've NEVER used it on the leather. But as always recommended, test on a discreet spot, wait for 24 hours before doing the whole bag. I've never considered taking my herbag to Hermes for cleaning, it often takes way too long and I'm kind of impatient. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  6. Thank you so much for the helpful tips, plastic-fish!
  7. In love with my first herbag! Now I just need to get a twilly for a pop of color
  8. Hello tPFers!

    Please share your gorgeous Her bag here!!
    I am waiting for black on black,,so I cant share mine, but I will share once I get it!
    Cant wait to see your colorful bags!!

  9. Here are mine

  10. Hello Everyone!

    I finally found the perfect Herbag on fashionphile! After looking for one for 3 years!
    But after chatting with fashionphile, they said they weren't sure if you could change this particular herbag into the backpack.

    But it's an old style one from 1999 with two interchangeable bodies.

    i thought all of the old herbags can be changed into a backpack :sad:
    I'm really confused now

    (Really sorry if this question has be asked somewhere! but i haven't found anything and i'm in a hurry as i want to get this one)
  11. Some had interchangeable colours and some had interchangeable sizes.
  12. so not every old style herbag can be changed into a backpack? :sad: now i'm really not sure what go get

    1. either all black (with the possibilty of wearing it as a backpack and an interchangeable body i dont like)

    2. or beige/white an beige/beige (where i like both bodies not only one of the two like in 1. but this can't be worn as a backpack)

    should i go for the black with backpack function and just sell the other body? or rather go with the one where i get two bags with one but don't have the backpack function?

    really need all of your opinions :smile: thanks so much in advance
  13. Gorgeous!!!
    I have been looking for exact color!!!But didnt find them yet...
    May I ask where did you get your bag?
  14. I just got my new to me herbag. A lovely old one because Toile!
    This bag was basically never used. It is utterly Pristine. Not a scratch on the lock, the little stopper is still there... Nary a mark on the leather. Nothing.

    WOnlt be like that for ong because I will use this baby to DEATH. It's perfect
  15. Has anyone else have this issue on the leather of their herbag? I bought this bramd new, shirnk wrapped in H Waikiki in 2015. It looks like it's about to crack, I rarely used this bag, maybe about 5-6 times since I got it but I make sure I air it out often.
    IMG_1991.JPG IMG_2006.JPG IMG_2008.JPG IMG_2009.JPG
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