Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. heyyy anyone know the price herbag in Paris??
  2. I just got one from Paris mid-Jun @airport - it's 1140euro tax-free:smile:
  3. Hi Su Dan,

    You got yours @ airport, do have any idea whether is it available @ FSH?
    I do love HerBag very much since many years ago but it was discontinued.
  4. Is the Herbag easy to get in and out of? Been looking at eBay for a used one so I can use it for travel next year and wear it messenger-style. I already have a BA Evelyne PM but I'm worried about security with the Evelyne's open top. TIA:smile:
  5. The herbag strap isn't long enough to wear cross-body. It's only long enough to wear on the shoulder. Personally I find it about the same to get in and out of as a kelly or birkin.

  6. Su Dan:

    Is the 1140 for the small or medium herbag? You bought at the airport - at CDG? Was there a big selection?
  7. Hi, can i ask. I just got the new herbag, is it true the new one dont have spare bag?
  8. Yes, no spare bag provided for change. The new Herbag is called Herbag Zip, which is slightly different from the old version. Here is mine.

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  9. Hi Ladies,

    A few of you asked for the price of the herbag:
    I purchased 2 yesterday from FSH paris, they were the last 2 pieces and the salesperson had to ask the manager if he could sell the last 2 pieces to me or not lol and they did.
    These are 31cm, and each was for 1300 EUROS.

    Here are a few pix:
    Paris-20110113-00034[1].jpg Paris-20110113-00035[1].jpg Paris-20110113-00030[1].jpg Paris-20110113-00032[1].jpg
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  10. Congrats! They are gorgeous!
  11. I love the new Herbag. It's the sporty version of a half way between a Kelly Lakis and a Kelly.

    The fact they added the zip pocket on the back really helps in not opening it all the time.

    Many people find it a bit difficult to open and close the Herbag, but it's just a matter of getting used to it.

    I have an old version of the backpack (even though I always use it as a regular bag) with the spare bag and I never ever changed it, I'm too afraid I could not put the pieces back together!

    I almost never used the Herbag I have, but it's a really nice bag.
  12. Totally agree.
  13. Can this bag be worn crossbody? I did a search and some say yes some say no
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    hey ladies...

    I just got my first hermes herbag today, so I took her for night out shopping in town and when I got home I just realised that one of the side gold buttons ( i dont know what they called , sorry) is mising Does anyone know where I can get it? Im very upset because it such a lovely bag.