Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. Thanks Haniel! The leather on my Herbag is starting to look a little dry. I think it needs some conditioning. Now I'm off to search Docride's leather care thread for tips for conditioning Hunter leather...
  2. I use Collonil leather premium lotion. I made good experiences.
  3. Hi, does anyone knows how to make the scratch on the leather looks less obvious? Any other way to rub of mark on the surface?
  4. sure thing miss_av.will post it sometime tmr..!..:smile:
  5. As promised, this is a pic of my Herbag. I m not sure what color this is called, but it was d only color available at d time of purchase..:smile:
    IMG_2079.jpg IMG_2081.jpg IMG_2083.jpg IMG_2089.jpg
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  6. It looks like Etoupe.

  7. Here a pic of a Herbag in Etoupe. The Hunter leather is in Ebene.

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  8. If the scratch is deep it is better to bring the Herbag to Hermes. For small scratches I use Solitaire Combi Care Foam.
  9. Hi Q-Liz, may I know what size is your herbag? is it the 32? It's gorgeous!
  10. hi,everyone.i just owned my first herbag zip yesterday at Narita hermes boutique.^^It's herbag zip PM in boulaingavillea,,very cute,,the latest colr this year.Its price was 234000 yen.I totally fall in love with her:heart: :heart: :heart:

  11. Congrats on your new bag. :yahoo:

    Would love to see an action pic of this colour!!! :biggrin:
  12. I've got one of the old style backpack Herbags and though the nature of the leather looks the same back then it was called 'bridle leather'. I use Connelly leather cream to restore its lustre when it starts to look a bit dry. I take the bag to bits and smoother every bit of the shiny side of the leather with it and leave it to soak after a good rub for a while, wipe off and reconstruct - I usually give my canvas sac a wash in soapy water at the same time - it does wonders for refreshing the look of a seriously well-used bag!
  13. I'd love to find a vintage Herbag. Anyone got any leads?
  14. does herbag backpack model ever comes with orange and dark brown? because i want to purchase from eBay. i only know orange and red. anyone?
  15. In the couple of years of stalking :graucho: herbags I have only seen orange with red combo. You may want to check with flossy figaro, because I believe she owns a few different styles.