Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

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  1. #1 Nov 23, 2008
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2008

    I had a few questions with regards to the Hermes Herbag and was hoping you all could help me.

    • When was it made? When did Hermes stop making it?
    • Retail Price? I know they range by size/etc, maybe someone knows the approximate prices.
    • Is the hardware on every one of the Herbag's made of Palladium Silver?
    • Do any celebs own the Herbag? If anyone has pics of celebs carrying the Herbag and could post them here, I would be sincerely and truly grateful -or- point me to where I might find them.
    • Were there ever any Hermes Herbag Advertisements? If anyone has the Herbag ads and could post them here, I would also be very thankful.
    • Can you still purchase the Herbag and if so, where?
    Thank you within advance for your assistance and happy holidays to you all, Becky (BeautifulBasics)
  2. p.s. Herbag embossed letters - what does the letter C and then a D inside a square mean?
  3. Hello Maria28,

    Thank you so much for your help and for posting a link to the guide!!!

    Do you possibly know the approximate retail value for the Herbag's?

    Thank you again and happy holidays, Becky (BeautifulBasics)
  4. Hi there :smile:

    It depends entirely on what size and color you are looking at.

    You will pay more for the black and natural combo, as well as any Vibrato. The green or blue sets tend to go for less, as do the red/orange set. Oddly, I get the most compliments on the orange bag when I carry it.

    I purchased a set of the orange and red with the brown leather for a song over on Let-Trade. I want to say that I paid about $600-ish, and it was pretty much brand new This is the set with the shoulder strap and gold hardware.

    I also have the backpack style with the large and smaller black bags, and managed to find an auction for an additional natural bag, all with the black leather and palladium hardware. Including the addition of the natural bag, this set cost around $1,100-ish, give or take.

    Let's see if this picture works...please excuse my sad table; my cats used it as a launch pad and scratched it terribly.

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  5. #6 Nov 24, 2008
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2008
    ^ocmommy!!!! i always love looking at your herbag's collection....:love:

    beautifulbasics: i'm sorry i don't know the retail value of the herbag's. i'm sure some other members will be able to share their thoughts/knowledge about this. mine is the mm herbag in blue/blue combo and i paid around $1000 from let-trade in dec2007 (it was a little under $1000 and i had to pay canadian customs, so the total ended up a little over $1000 for me). i bought it as pre-loved, but was surprised by the excellent condition it was in (it didn't look used much). here's an old picture of my herbag....
    my herbag measurements are:
    size of the smaller bottom : approx. 38cm(L) x 32cm(H)
    size of the taller bottom : appox. 38cm(L) x 39cm(H)

    i find the shoulder strap long enough to use both on the shoulder or messenger style.

  6. Hi ocmommy - your herbag collection is amazing!!! Thanks for posting and sharing!

    You responded to my post on an herbag I had won on ebay in the authentication forum a couple of weeks ago. I'm still trying to get more pictures from the guy because I just have a funny feeling about it. Hope I will own a herbag soon!
  7. Hermes is reissuing the Herbag either S09 or F09. And it's going to be new and improved!!
  8. Any ideas how they will be changing it? I love mine.
  9. I was considering purchasing a used large Herbag as a bag to carry around stuff for my 3 kids. The dimensions the seller was showing was something like 15X15X5.5. This sounds pretty roomy but it doesn't look big from the pics. Are the pictures deceiving and would it be big enough for a diapers bag? Thanks!
  10. i think that's the same one i've got and it is quite big. definitely enough as a diaper bag. i've used for traveling too, so to put the kids stuffs (wipes, diapers, change of clothes, snack) as well as my travel documents in it.
  11. i posted this at the other thread sueC started.

    This is the herbag variation that I like...


    Attached Files:

  12. just love your collection of herbags.
    to me, herbag is the ultimate design for everyday use.
    i can't wait to see the newly improved herbag from Hermes later this year :yahoo:
  13. Is it possible to buy additional canvases at a Hermes store?
  14. I've been waiting for news of the additional canvas sacs since this time last year - if they are out there they are not common but I was savvy enough to purchase replacement sacs in the earlier days. Seriously thinking about commissioning a special order sac - I wouldn't meddle with the dimensions but I could mix and match leather and canvas to make the bag last indefinately.
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