Hermes Herbag dilemma

  1. OMG I got a herbag - made the mistake of taking it apart, and now can't get it back together again. I carried it when I put it together the first time, and the chrome fitting was so heavy I couldn't get it stay closed, and it fell forward all the time not accepting the straps to stay through it. I know there must be something wrong that I did. I can't imagine Hermes putting out such a lousy design for 2,000. Anyone have a problem like this? Obviously I am not left brained. Joan
  2. I think you should post this in the Hermes area. Some lovely Hermes Experts would most likely have a solution for you!
  3. . . . moving to Hermes. . .
  4. JBW, have no fear--you are not the first person to ask how to assemble/re-assemble their Herbag. See if this link will help you out:

    If this doesn't solve your problem, I'll get my Herbag out and see if I replicate your problem and determine how to fix it.
  5. I've got a Herbag and it came with an instruction booklet. I had to follow the directions the first couple of times I wanted to change the bags, but after that it seemed quick and easy. I think you'll find that once you understand how it all fits together it will make perfect sense and you'll remember how to do it.
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    hi Millstream, i bought the herbag without booklet now i dun know how to convert it to a backpack, could u pls show me how to do it

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  7. I've been trying to figure out how to assemble my Herbag and finally found a really great explanation. Thought I would share on some of the forums I discovered during my search...