Hermes Herbag colour combos

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  1. anyone can give info on combos available on herbag?
    and what sizes they come with?

    thanks :yes:
  2. The HerBag to my knowledge has officially been discontinued. Yes you still get them at the stores but they are now fading out.
    There are so many combinations of HerBags, I couldn't list them all.
    Here are some I recall, I can only recall the colour combinations, not the sizes:
    toile natural/barenia natural
    toile natural/barenia black
    toile black/barenia black
    toile dark green/barenia dark brown
    toile dark brown/barenia dark brown
    toile orange/barenia dark brown
    toile red/barenia dark brown
    vibrato/barenia black or dark brown

    These are the ones I can think of right now. Then there's also the 'Kabas' style HerBags that don't have a flap but are open with two long shoulder straps.
  3. wow!!!! hello2703, thank u so much!
    such a great information :yes:

    any info on what basic sizes there are?
  4. the basic size is about 30 cm wide at the bottom
  5. thanks :smile: