Hermes Herbag color help please.

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  1. I found a couple of Hermes Herbag Zip that I am contemplating on buying both are 31 one is in Vache Hunter noir or black and one is in Natural Barenia in orange whatever those are. I really don't know anything about them and this is my first attempt of research is to ask for your expert advices. I like pop of color so much I would choose orange now because it's summer but I am afraid in the winter time I would regret not getting the black one. Can you carry the orange on winter days? isn't it a bit loud for the winter? how can you tone it down a little? thanks
  2. I adore Orange herbag, it's beautiful and classy, but I really hate Orange poppy herbag, for me it's very electric (in bad way) color.

    And winter depends on your location... One thing it's winters in California, I think orange is perfect for this, another thing is winters in Northern Europe, orange bag would be not match to warm jackets and furs
  3. Black is the safe choice... But I guess at least one orange bag is a must for h lovers
  4. For a starter
    Try get neutral color
    Black etoupe dark blue grey or brown
    Easier to use
  5. Here's a new color to consider... Prunoir and Blue Marine... I love it!!!!




  6. @midnight_beauty it's a deep dark purple but in the right lighting, it's beauty shines!
  7. I'm debating between brown and black. Googled "herbag" and found mostly black, and very little brown bags. Is it difficult to match brown herbag with outfits?