Hermes Help Please!

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a Hermes purse. 32 or 35 in size, I don't really know the major difference between the Kelly and the Birkins. Can you ladies please give me some details of each and which one in your opinon is better? thanks
  2. Moe, did you check out the thread on Birkins (and Kellys) started by theartofacquisition? I think there's some good practical information there. Also, I think some of the other forum members are planning to buy Hermes soon, so hopefully they'll chime in.
    Incidentally, lucky you! And great choice of bag!
  4. Thanks, Vlad!
  5. what is the price for the 35 and 40 birkins?
  6. 35 birkin (not croc, not ostrich) is around $7000
    i dont have 40cm birkin so i am not sure. but it is more or less around 1000 dollar difference