Hermes Help please :)

  1. OK, ive searched the entire site for this and had no luck..

    Im not too familiar with Hermes, althought I love their bags, but, anyhoo, I am buying a bag for my mom for her 60th (ssssh) bday and she wants the Kelly LARKIS bag?

    I have NEVER heard of that, is it an alternate name of another kelly bag? Please help, thanks so much
  2. Hi!

    It's called the Kelly Lakis. Here is a pic ......


    I have seen them in the NYC store before.
  3. oh thank you soooo much Rose!!!!
  4. hows the price of that in the stores, is it worth it to get it from that auction? its so tempting
  5. The one from the above auction is a 40 cm one, very big, is that what your mother is after. I always think it's worth checking out the store first. The price in the store will be less.
  6. I've never heard of this Kelly. Looks a little busy, but the outside zippers would be handy.
  7. misspiggy's Kelly Lakis