Hermès Helicopter

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  2. Oh la la! Too cool! Beautiful Sac Depeche too!
  3. Oh, Lilach, thank you! Now I remember where I left my briefcase!!
    Tucked between the console and the seat.

    Obviously I was overcome with leather fumes in there!!
    Thanks again!

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  4. Wow I had no idea you could get a helicopter with a boot!
  5. Is it just me or does the seat design look dated? i.e. the horizontal stripe pieces. other that that it is fab!!!! the colours! the feel! the smell!!! ahh that would be nice. But i woudl prefer to have a couch made or something i would see and use almost daily. thats for posting (is it yours? lol)
  6. ^ Nice to see a picture. I read about Hermes and their new 'Voyageur' department being created.
  7. they have done a lot in the past from leather wallcoverings to bespoke furniture to private jets to car interiors etc. but i think they want to broaden their spectrum to the masses a bit more (luggage , picnic cases ,travel accesoires , the above helicopter etc)
  8. oh i would love a leather wall mmmmmmm imagine waking up to that smell! i don't think cows grow big enough to fill my walls with a flat piece lol!
  9. Stylish!!
  10. Yay! now everyone who spray painted their cars, painted their living roooms etc in brands can have the real thing! :s

    Honestly, it looks ok. Comfortable. =)
  11. Ohh, I'd love to go in a ride in one of these! :jammin:
  12. It's gorgeous, thanks for the URL. I can't wait to see what else they have.
  13. awesome! :okay:
  14. Love it!! :smile:
  15. I work in one of Eurocopter's subsidiaries and I didn't even know that Hermes work with our HQ in Marignane to come up with this aircraft. What can I say? Fabulous! Perfect transport for those who want to travel in style. I guess the price is doubled with those Hermes leather seats.