Hermes Hee Boo

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  1. Hermes Hee Boo
    anyone out there with more information on this style.
    I knew it was a good price just the measurements didnt add up with another one on ebay so i was concerned about that (this one is wider) i just havent seen it in the boutiques or on here and wanted to know how it was seen, like the garden party is it a whatever occasion bag or more of a work bag?
  2. I second the opinion that was given to you in the AT thread. This bag is authentic.

    Also, if you watch it well, and by all details, you will notice that it has MANY hermes hallmarks for finest craftmanship ... so many that its retail price was too high for selling well. This is why there were not so many produced. And very few on the market...

    You have got a very nice bag, here.

    Since this bag is yours, please share your opinion once you've used it . Action shots welcome in the Action thread!

  3. Thanks so much, but tell me do you think it can be suitable as a handbag or is it more of a work bag?
  4. I think how you want to use the bag is really up to you, though it's pretty obvious that this isn't a bag you'd tote to a black tie reception, no?
  5. Please don't start multiple threads on the saw topic. I am merging this with your existing thread.