Hermès Hawaii

  1. So there are three places to purchase (going in late Jan/early Feb):
    Any recommendations which to go to first?
    Prior experiences good/bad?

    1. Ala Moana
    2. Kalakaua
    3. Waikiki Galleria

    Thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. no idea, sorry
  3. I would go to the one in Waikiki just because there are more tourists in that area so I would think SA's are friendlier. Plus I've seen people walk out of their with piles of boxes and bags but not the one at Ala Moana.
  4. Also, the stores in Hawaii do not have any kind of waitlists and all Birkins and Kellys are on the floor or within "asking" reach. If a Birkin is there, you'll know!
  5. so..elizabeth..where are you going? :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  6. elizabethk, I recommend Waikiki--I find them all very gracious. Ala Moana in general for all the designer stores has more of a McDonald's mentality. But they have different stock so you need to go to both. Waikiki Galleria is duty-free, heard you have to have a foreign passport to enter--don't understand that...

    Report back and let us know how you like the different stores!
  7. I am dragging DH to all of them, he enjoys shopping more than I do so I don't think I will be twisting any arms.
    Yes, Ma'am I will report all my findings.:upsidedown: :biggrin:
  8. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Have fun and wish you lots of Hermes luck!!
  9. So are you visiting 2 Islands then? Because Kalakaua is not in Oahu.
  10. I would highly recommend Ala Moana first. My SA is Jon and he is a sweetheart! When I was at Waikiki in Dec, they didn't have the large selection of handbags as Ala Moana. I must have seen a Birkin there every time I was there.
  11. I was hoping a plane could drop me via a parachute.;)

    I'm going to see if there is a ferry or a plane or something to drop me somewhere near there.

    Seriously, I'll have to look into that.
  12. You can definitely fly out for 1 or 2 days. Ferry cuts too much out of your day.
  13. Are you sure?

    According to the website and my hotel all three of them are within walking distance of each other and my hotel, but thanks :yes:.
  14. well have fun shopping elizabeth....
  15. Oh! You mean Kalakaua the street in Waikiki right? I thought you meant the city.